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A poem I wrote after a 6 year relationship that I found.

One day, we met,
Butterflies in my tummy,
Fluttering all around.

I should have known,
Known it was not right.
Two good to be true.

Three years it took,
For you to cut ties.
To focus on us.

Four arguments,
On the same subject.
Yes dear, whatever you say dear
Shut up dear.

Five or more times,
I probably should have ended it.
My love was very blind.

Six bad dreams,
Before I realized I am better off.
You can no longer hurt me.
Make me feel small.

So goodbye.
Goodbye to the arguments,
Goodbye to the mental and emotional pain.

No more talking about
Work, friends, work.
Oh wait, that is a location thing...
Do not talk to me, I won't understand it.

No more stupid decisions.
Do you really need that?
Oh I sound like your dad? Thanks.

Good to know that the last 6 years meant nothing.
No calls, asking for forgiveness.
To get back together.

Yes, I seen you do that for her.
When you were seeing me.
I seen the tears in your eyes.
Where are mine?

Time to pack up your memories,
Put them in a box,
6 years of friendship and relationship.

I hope you grow up,
I hope you treat the next one better,
Not like a side piece and rebound like me.

You always said she was the rebound, not me.
Was that true?
Or was I the rebound of the rebound?

Stop hiding in your shell when things get tough.
Stop acting like a child and act like a man.
A man that I needed.

Goodbye to stress and anxiety.
Goodbye to lack of friends and being loners.
Goodbye forever.

And hello to new opportunities,
Hello to my friends.
Hello to a new start.
Hello to a brand new me!

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