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by K.HBey
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Simone went to the attic.
KHBEY/ The coffin

Simone arrived home at six o'clock and in a hurry she went to the attic.
She got reddish eyes and swollen eyelids. Any young girl of her age is afraid to enter alone a dark attic where a dummy skeleton is hanging in the abyss of an ancient spared wardrobe.
She knew the path exactly and she headed to a big wooden coffin.

Like a great lady she pushed the lid and the wood cracker was heard within the silence in this murk.
Simone broke down in tears and said hugging her teddy bear that she kept from there, "Mother! Where are you?"
She smelt her mother white dress kept there too and she remembered when she was eight and waiting for her mother with fervor when this latter unbelievably arrived dead wearing this white dress.

"Simone? What are you doing there? We are waiting for you. Don't you remember that today is your birthday?" Martha said.
"What ? Are you crying?" She added.
"Simone; these objects belong to the past. Your mother passed away tragically and we are all sad because of this. She got diabetes.However she is in heaven. She can see you. Do you think she is happy to see you crying and sad like this?"

"Simone my dear" her father George called.
"Come on quickly please I have a surprise for you", he added.
All her family members and some friends were around the cake saying , "Happy birthday Simone!"
"Father I love you! " She said hugging him.
"Close your eyes and follow me", George said.

In the garden she opened her eyes for finding newly planted flowers that released a mix of perfumes. She found a beautiful cat and a roller coaster just for her.
"Follow me!" he continued.
She spent a magical moment with her father and friends and from the roller coaster she contemplated the sun set. Tonight she noticed a shooting star and understood that was a sign from her mother.

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