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Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2243600
A look into your life at The Inn.
You stare down the thing in your sink. The tiny camel stares back.

Welcome to the Inn, listeners.

Before the camel happened you woke up in your bed after a long night of binge eating dairy products and crying. That was a hobby of yours. You had to sniff every minute or so because your nose was runny.

You had looked around the room. Oddly clean, especially since you had thrown tissues and empty diary cartons over your floor from your bed. You started to wonder about that but was instead drawn to a small movement in your window. Probably a bird sent to spy on your during your vacation. That was pretty standard.

The window had a wonderful view of the outdoors. Deep down you loved the outdoors. But you weren’t that big of a fan of the bugs, of course, but the beauties around you as you imagine going through a forest? That was worth it.

After looking out your window you made your way to the bathroom groggily. You didn’t notice the desert animal at first. You went straight to the toilet.

That was when you noticed it. You wrapped up what you were doing and quickly made your way to your sink.

What was this thing doing in your sink? And why was it so small?

The camel snorted at you, as if laughing at your confusion.

Could camels laugh?

You forgot to bring your Desert Creature book on your vacation this time so you didn’t know.

You groaned. The one time you didn’t bring that book and you had a tiny desert creature in your sink.

It tried to climb out of the sink, but failed, it’s hooves and the sink’s smooth interior were not cooperating.

You placed your hand down into the sink. The camel immediately scampered on happily.

“I wonder if you have a name,” You wondered aloud, watching the tiny camel sniff your hand.

But before your mind could wander very far your stomach growled. Despite all that you binge ate last night you were starving, and you had just remembered what time it was.

“SHOOT!” You exclaimed, “I’m going to miss breakfast!”

You rocketed out of the bathroom, much to the camel’s displeasure, who bit your finger in protest.

It hurt, so you slowed down, speed walking out of your bedroom. You didn’t make it that far until you ran into someone who had just whirled out of their own room, the camel flying out of your palm.

“My doom!” The toppled over man whispered hoarsely, “It’s coming!”

You got yourself up and was about to help the toppled-over young man up but the camel bellowed hallowly at your feet.

You scooped it up, and the toppled-over, young, and terrified man shrieked.

“It’s here!” He screamed, “The Destroyer has come for me!”

He scrambled up before you could say a word and ran down the hall screaming like a headless-rooster. Headless roosters tended to scream a lot, despite the fact they had no head. Scientists think the screams come from their gills as a defense mechanism.

You shrugged it off and continued down to breakfast. You had been here long enough to know how weird the Inn could be sometimes.

You remembered the first time you were at the Inn. You had wanted a regular vacation. That was not what you got. You shouldn’t have been so surprised when the tiny desert animal in your sink. But you were. Afterall, the weirdest thing that had happened to you here so far was when that half-shark guy was getting chased by Spaniel, the goldfish who haunts the Inn, and has terrifyingly bright black eyes, and into the disappearing and reappearing pool. You got free dessert at dinner in the Inn that night because of some people getting mentally scared from the gruesome scene. The shark man did not get to eat the dessert that night.

The eggs were good. You had just sat down to eat them, and had taken a large bite when the camel had tried them as well. It spit all over the rest of your eggs. Based on it’s reaction you guessed it didn’t like the eggs.

Groaning, you wondered again why this camel was in your sink this morning. The camel stared you down and headbutted your hand, which was putting down your fork.

“What?” You asked it.

It snorted.

“I wonder what your name is,” You asked aloud again, “Is it Harold?”

The creature stared blankly at you.

“Gary?” You tried.


“Mary? Ash? Jasper? Carol?” You asked.

Still nothing from the tiny camel.

“Alright, I’m just going to call you Tina.”

It snorted and climbed into your hand as you got up. You knew that the HouseKeepers would give your leftovers to the Koi fish to devour. The Koi, the ones in the pond behind the Inn, anyway, hadn’t eaten until… Well, let’s just say someone got a bit too close to their eggs.

You were about to head back to your room when Tina jumped out of your hand.

Everyone around looked at Tina and was silent. You could hear someone’s headphone’s music playing from somewhere in the room. It sounded like...


The previously toppled-over, young, terrified man had paled. He was across the room, the only one standing except you, Tina, and him. He looked as if trying to sneak out. He had failed.

“YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE HERE CHARLES SCHULZ!” A booming voice echoed through the room.

It came from Tina.

“I’m sorry!” He exclaimed, falling to his knees, “I just wanted to-”

“I know what you want,” Tina said in her oddly deep voice that continued to echo, “But you are not the one. Return to your home!”

Charles Schulz, the previously toppled-over, young, terrified-and now smoke- man disappeared.

The rest of the people in the dining area disappeared as well.

Tina turned around to you, and snorted.

“You have been chosen to help retrieve wandering and escaped souls from the spirit realm,” Tina said in a softer voice to you.

You didn’t argue. You didn’t know what would happen if you did, and you weren’t interested in finding out. You merely nodded.
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