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by Jarter
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Simply putting "pen to paper". A short rambling through the insanity that I call my mind.
Once upon a time, several years ago in my life, someone told me "you are a writer". I replied "thank you but I don't think so." To which he replied "It wasn't a compliment, it was stating a fact". He was not someone who would receive any benefit from telling me this. To him, he was just simply stating what he saw as fact. It sparked something inside of me, but at the time, and really there hasn't been a time since, have I tested his theory.
But what if I am a writer. What if I have amazing stories to tell. Insights and different ways of seeing things that could reach people. Affect there lives? How amazing would that be! To have the ability to take people on an amazing adventure to which they are forever marked by what was read. Just like so many writers have done for me. Nothing is like finishing a book. There is the feeling of loss because these people or things are no longer a part of your daily lives. Almost as if your story with them ended the second you read the last word. That what you read about them would forever be with you... yet you would never know the what after. Or the before. The roller coast you rode along with them. Laughter, tears, the hurt and happiness. What an amazing and wonderful gift writing is. What a wonderful and amazing thing a book, magazine, newspaper, or any form of writing can be.
I don't know if I am a writer. I don't know if I will ever be. But I do know this... I have been greatly blessed by people who are writers, and each and everyone of them had to start somewhere. I start here.
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