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A piece about how I had spent mid-morning at a new casino restaurant,
With Valentine's Day being just around the corner, and the fact that yours truly has got a sweet tooth, I figured that I would go and discover a new eatery that I have spent my mid-morning at...
I went to a place called Sugar Factory, a wonderful new restaurant that celebrates all things sweet, as in, CANDY! Now, I have heard about this place from news sources; it has restaurants at places such as Las Vegas and New York City, and yes, I have heard that there even was one at the Mall of America in Minnesota! Wow! And what is even more interesting is that almost every celebrity came to this famous restaurant! So I guess going to this new place at the casino makes you feel quite the celebrity yourself, huh? Anyways, I had gone to the Sugar Factory that had just opened at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware, and I sat down at a table of one, myself, in which I could sit at and look at all of the wonderful things that Sugar Factor has to offer.
I ordered a stack of 3 pancakes, and after I while, I have the most special breakfast treat plopped in front of me! I put butter on top of the vanilla-flavored pancakes as well as poured the syrup on those beauties and let me tell you, I have enjoyed each and every bite of those pancakes! They were as sweet as the candy theme that this wonderfully wonderful restaurant has. I had been hoping for CHOCOLATE pancakes since I just simply love chocolate, but I can take vanilla every now and then...

After I had finished my pancakes, I went to the restaurant's own candy wall; this place is just as wonderful-they have so much candy it makes one feel like a kid in a...well, you know! Now, in order to get what kind of candy that you want, you need to ask for someone to get it for you, and then you get the candy. I had wanted to ask the lady who was at the counter what kind of candy I want, which included those 3D gummy bears, but what I got instead was a Hershey chocolate bar with the nostalgic packaging, and a Whatchamacallit bar. I am hoping that next time I might choose those 3D gummy bears, as well as those insane milkshakes!
All in all, my very first time at the Sugar Factory was an experience in which I have enjoyed very much; I hope to look forward to more of what I would be having at that restaurant in the not-too-distant future.
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