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by Norman
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Entertainment · #2243655
Her butt was much too wide
Heidi had a hefty heinie
Everybody knows
She could not hide the size of it
Beneath those summer clothes

Her derriere had gotten big
Her diet was to blame
When she was in a restaurant
She ate whatever came

And she was so ashamed of it
Her butt was much too wide
When she put her bikini on
She looked at it and cried

So Heidi set out on a quest
She had to lose some weight
She set her goal at twenty pounds
She thought that would be great

When Heidi sets her mind on things
She doesn’t go halfway
Oh no, she jumps in with both feet
That just is Heidi’s way

The pounds began to drop off fast
As Heidi watched her weight
She walked for miles every day
Was careful what she ate

Well, Heidi looks much better now
Her life is back on track
She lost the weight she needed to
She has her booty back

In fact, if you looked at her now
You’d say her rump is cute
You’d like to see her at the beach
Wearing that bathing suit

Now Heidi’s heinie is just right
She lost most of that mass
To my discerning eyes I’d say
She has the perfect ass

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