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A love song I wrote for someone
I don’t know what’s really in front of me
Taken back by kaleidoscopic reverie
Sitting in a forest against a tree
Vibrant lights from illuminated gems draw me to you
This river separates us, we must wait till

The water’s still enough for me to cross
The grass I live on’s green enough to sleep on
My body’s warm enough for you to rest on
Because I
Have to learn to live with my new sanguine heart

Waking up you’re reduced to
Light through this liquid crystal display
Pure emotion hits like heroin
So powerful that I’m too soft to function
Because this utmost gorgeous melancholy

Every night I dream I’m next to you
The moors and royal castles I see them too
Out of all these spectres all I want is you
Hoping maybe
I can touch you with my sanguine heart

I’ve got no one to compare you to, I always revolve back to you
Close my eyes, reach my hands out and I feel you
Like the diamond dewdrops of the morning
You glisten in the light and I’ll be there
And like the gemlights I will kiss you too
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