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Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2243697
Holding onto, and finding love in these times is difficult. Creating spaces and voids.
Spaces and Voids

          Finding and holding on to love during Covid has been so difficult for so many people, including me. Being, or trying to be with someone is so hard. Especially if they're scared to death of Covid. They won't even allow you to see them, because they're so scared of you because you may have it. Dating them, or to touch them once the fear has gone to far just isn't going to happen ever. They say that they love you, and someday after it's safe we can be together again. But will you? Will that some day ever come, or will this new love fade into oblivion? You keep trying so they know you care, and are still there for them. Trying to understand, but begging, just to see them once again. Even if for just a moment, but that isn't even allowed. The fear has won. Can you put your life on hold for what seems to be going on forever? Becoming frustrated, hurt, and feeling alone, is not good for us. Possibly causing irreparable emotional, mental instabilities. What's worst your both going through the same thing together, but apart, in a void. There is no comfort in that for one another. The space is heartbreaking. Once the fear is stronger then love, all is lost!

         The spaces and voids are making me into someone I don’t like. I can’t go on like this anymore. I find myself with a anger. A slow burning anger that is growing from a frustration from within. I find myself starting to take out this frustration on people that don’t deserve, or have anything to do with it. I don't like what I am becoming. I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. Something I have been pondering over, and over in my mind for several months now. It’s a inner turmoil that doesn’t have an answer, or that can be fixed. Letting you go may be the only true choice.

         There is just a blank slate in my mind, with no steps forward anymore. The path for my future seems bleak, and appears to have come to a end. There's no place to go, or to be with you in sight ahead. This may be the insurmountable space, or void. It feels that there is no hope left. What happens next is not even in my imagination anymore. I use to be able to see a time when I could be with you, and then plan for that opening in time. Them times don't exist anymore. How can there be an answer? It would have to come from a place I don't have knowledge of, out of present, presence. I don’t believe it is within me anymore to know. I truly feel that I don’t have any choice but to let go, and set you free.

         I'm now in a state of limbo, and feeling lost. So lost that you may have to find you own way now. I can’t help you anymore because I don't know how to change what is happening. I hope there is a new path that shows up soon. Limbo is not living. No growth, no adventure, no dreams, nothing to look forward to. I always had something to look forward to, but that has disappeared. So I ask to my inner self: now what? It is affecting my inner being, my spiritually. My inner self is in turmoil. The lack of clarity is tormenting me. The void is expanding, where as of now, that is all there is ahead.

          As I stare into the the void, trying to understand it. It is a great unknown, and a dark, scary, blank space. I ponder whether to turn away and go back. But go back to what? The past wasn't a very friendly place to me. It was a time of suffering, disillusionment, cruelty. Where my love has been unwanted, and rejected. A time with a sprinkling of happiness thrown in so I could stand it, that had a feeling like love had abandoned me. I've tried so many ways to make things work, some did, but I feel like was that enough? This space in time has the stigma, and stench of an old energy. I didn't fit in, and it didn't want me here.

         So being in limbo, and feeling spiritually drained. I stand at the precipice, staring into the void wondering what I should do? I feel now like I didn't have a choice, and that a choice was being made for me. Was it? “I” decided to move ahead, and step off the edge into the scary unknown, the void.

         When I enter the void, it feels like I'm floating in space. What is this place, I thought? Where am I? The silence at first is deafening, but I have this feeling of overwhelming peace. A calmness overtakes me, I feel so safe, and bathed with love.. Now what do I do? I sit and close my eyes to get in touch with my inner self. The creative source inside me. I listen in silence for what is next...

         This place is different then all I have known. It has the feel of a new energy, Joy. I chuckle to myself that I was so afraid of this place. Although alone, I feel anything but alone. I feel a loving support that I never felt before, true inner peace. It's entirely new space. I find myself with a new sense of being. A nothingness that is everything. I venture forth in this place with no paths, or ruts to follow. Foraging my own way though this area, and going forth into all that is unknown. I have never felt that before.

          I then realize I will have to depend only on myself in this place. If anyone else were here they would be in the same predicament as me. So here there wouldn't be any help from others who are in this space. No books to read on the subject. The substance of your being is only what you believe in your core. I will need to follow my own instincts, while following my own consciousness. Listening to the voice of intuition from within, to guide me. I will be following my own hearts desire. My brain can't led me anymore, because all the information that was gathered came before this time. In a linear thinking place of logic, and it's usefulness ended at the void. Space/no time it doesn't understand, and that is why the mind was blank. Confused wondering just how deep, and what distance is this void, how long does it last? Does time even matter? It truly can't understand this place.

         As these changes are taking place, the mind is unsure of what this all is. I will need to illuminate my inner light to see anything. So I have no choice but to trust totally in myself. The way I was before, that would have been a scary thought to me. I wander around in the void, finding answers in light, getting insights to many things. I realize now this place is causing a change in me. A new conscious energy is being born. One that could never have happened except for the void. The void has become like a cocoon to me now, causing a metamorphosis in my inner being. I feel changes happening inside of me now. I being in a meditative state of mind, in limbo, in between states of being. I wonder what will be born out from this, and who will I become? What gifts, or talents will be in store for me in the future? What multidimensional aspects will it open up to me?

         Feeling a renewal inside me, I am being born. My DNA is changing. I know my heart center will be in control now. With a cooperation between my human spirit, the creative source inside, and the smart body (innate). I learn that I will have more control over my body, it was always in there but I didn't know about that. My pineal will open up allowing my higher insight energies in as a part of intuition. My brain will aid in interpreting the messages, so I can be partners with the other parts of my being. My guides, and angels voices will be heard. I will be able to make contact with others, in ways I didn't know of. My cells will start renewing themselves in a new way. Making new copies of themselves, using Genesis copies, original blueprints, and templates, along with the bodies own v-cells. The amount of usable DNA within the cells will increase. So much has never been in use up to now. The multidimensional aspects of the DNA will start working, the true God(creative source, spirit) consciousness part in our DNA. A new human is being created.

         Being in control of my body, and with cells renewing themselves, I can now change my biological clock within, to slow the ageing possess. I intent to start with them counting every three days as one. Low energy diseases will not be able to effect the body anymore. No chance of cancer, and the other's that plague society now. Being in charge means you don't allow them in. Now that's control. This is only the beginning of the new human. As the multidimensional part of the DNA activates other benefits happen. The DNA of our children will change, reflecting our change, and the future you changes also, but so don't the past yous. (That would take way to to much to explain, and may be explainable because you can't know what you don't know) . What the master's had was DNA functioning at a very high rate. They could heal others, but also heal themselves too. Manifesting objects form nothing. They would have had the ability of regeneration, psychically by example, healing and growing a new finger, or the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Spiritually, like Elijah's transformation, and ascension of spirit, as recorded by Elisha. Most famously by Jesus raising himself from the dead, and his ascension with many witnesses. It is part of an advanced DNA and consciousness.

         Being told all these things, and much more, in the void. A new consciousness is born. The I am consciousness (for clarity). But in truth it is my own soul, or higher self consciousness, recognized by the new human. With all the attributes of pure love, compassion, healing, awareness, overwhelming JOY, laughter, pure happiness, gratefulness, generosity, etc.. I am learning so much about myself in this void. The void is where the physical becomes manifested. The universes were born here. One has to conclude this void is part of the creative source (GOD, spirit).

         In the void, with this metamorphosis going on, when will it be completed? I have been given some ideas and attributes, like the caterpillar waiting to be born anew, as a totally new creature. Will I look the same? Not truly known, but probably. All the changes are from within. The kingdom born from within, through spirit, consent, with intention. As the void disappears and a new energy becomes the normal, what will it look like? What is on the other side of the void? It may depend on the paths I forge while in the void, and where I end up coming out of it. Will I be changed? Yes. Will my love be restored to a time of pure innocence like a child? Yes. I think this void may be a way to have spiritual growth and renewal, without dying and starting over.

Part II

A Future

         Living in duality, experiencing both voids at the same time (multidimensional life). What I think we are living through now is the physical void. It has a lot of the attributes of the one I was talking of. What will we create going forth? Will there be a start of a new world, where we start from scratch? I don't believe so now. We would have already had the apocalyptic events of the bible, with world ending results by now. Instead, we the people(all of us), created Covid (our World War III). Though group consciousness, although maybe unknowingly, to hit the pause button on a world out of control. This gave us a chance to think. We saved the world from destruction, but having the deaths of a World War. Maybe the deaths were a warning to ourselves, making it painful enough to take heed of what we become. We made a time for the world to stop, and have a reboot of sorts. A time of reflection, and revelation. Cocooning at home.To look at our souls, and life, in a different light. A lot of soul searching, and heavy thought to see who we are, and want to be.

          After this void, what will we create in this space going forth? Could it be a world of peace, and prosperity. One that has love and compassion for one and other. A restoration of love, for lovers once again. A new world with new ideas, inventions that sky rocket us to who we can truly be. A world of beauty, clean air, and pristine waters. A world of cooperation, genuine love for your fellow people on earth. Where everyone has a right to a good life, without having to qualify in your eyes. A world where you don't need laws for everything, because you wouldn't even consider harming another. Your ideas and urges would be for the benefit of all. Truly being you brothers keeper. Will we create this, or will we recreate the world as it was?

          A glimpse/taste of great hope, and aspirations. Picture this as a futuristic idea. We have magnetic generators without the need for any kind of fuel, just routine maintenance powering everything. Big ones to power cities, or down to individual ones for all. I like the later idea better cause it gets rid of the electrical grids. Can you imagination cities and neighborhoods with no wires everywhere. Cars, planes, trains, etc. running on this. No pollution. When this technology gets more advanced and smaller, it would take away the need for batteries. Phones, laptops, watches, without ever needing a charge. Electric cars with no charging or batteries, could be lighter and use less materials in building, and may one day fly.

          How about maybe be using thermal energy to power generators, instead of nuclear power (the most dangerous form possible). After all it's just a steam engine concept, with unlimited heat from the earth. It can be used in the heating and cooling of homes. Both ways. We can even have real time desalination of water, though magnetism, and/with, other processes. New food growing processes that allow for greater yield, that produce more food in a small spaces, like container farm growing with vertical growing technologies. Utilizing all these other new technologies in cooperation with one another, where you have the perfect growing environment anywhere. Even adaptable if we venture off this planet. Even tides can become a power source. All these ideas are in the making already! We have the possibility of the best future ever invented by mankind. Think of new ways to do things and you will become prosperous, think big outside the box, and norms. WE can do this people! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, and do something for another. You may find you invented something new yourself.

         The void gave time for a pause. A time, a space to allow new ideas to come forth. A time to come up with a new way to treat one another. Will we use it, or squander the opportunities? What does your trip through this void look like? Remember everyone is in the physical void right now. Dream of what you will become on the other side of the void.

         I don't know how many will venture into the other void I wrote about earlier. Only a few I suspect, until you see the ones that went though it. Then wonder, and ask how they became who they are, and what is so different about them. People will be attracted to them, for they will be like the spiritual masters. You will want to sit at their feet and listen. Perhaps they will tell you a story about the void.

Thomas Seeker
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