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For National Library Lovers Month, Poetry Topic of the Month Contest entry. (Feb. 2021)
I dreamed of a library filled with books from one end to the other.
There were shelves filled from the ceiling to the floor,
Rolling ladders, comfortable chairs, and tables in various fashions.
This place had everything. I could not want for more.

Any subject you could imagine was begging to be read and explored.
History, geography, religion, economics, science, and fiction;
All of them were organized neatly by alphabet and subject.
The authors have written what they believe with great conviction.

A section just for kids with books, puzzles, and toys;
And a reading nook was decorated with lots of care.
This is such a dream for all the girls and boys,
A make believe castle to enter if they dare.

I could read and explore for hours on end.
My imagination can see the scenes from every story.
A whole lifetime could pass me by as I browse all the titles,
And add wisdom to knowledge in all of its glory.


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