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... who light up Life.
Once upon a long time ago in a country far distant from ours — both in distance and beliefs — there was the Lady of the Lamp, giving sustenance and comfort cloaked in the most tender love and care to those around her in their hours of greatest need. She made a difference. Not only to their most urgent medical attention, but more... she addressed their fears and losses and brought comfort and peace to many a deeply troubled heart.

And in a faraway country, another great lady with a torch shines a light so bright it renews hope and belief in countless wounded and lost hearts and souls. No matter the storms and downturns of Life, she stands tall, her torch held high—a symbol of proud and courageous defiance of any who would try to lessen her power.

Though the multitude of people who have looked up in awe must have seemed as a vast trail of ants, this truly great lady has the power to inspire each and every one to weather their personal darkest times. Hers is the torch held so high it has the power to light up every road they must travel, no matter how rough, every heart, no matter how despairing. And the lowest in spirits and 'the huddled masses yearning to breathe free' can learn how to pick themselves up when they stumble; how to start their lives over and stick to the belief that their tomorrow WILL be better.

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