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by Hank
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someone once said: "birds born in a cage think flying is an illness"
One day they will laugh at themselves, at the idea they've had of lifeā€¦ They'll stop taking things seriously because they're not really worth it; when you find yourself on the brink, it becomes secondary, perhaps even derisory, to give any importance to these trivial things that you once revered. However, there will remain this tiny hope, this selfish dream, ah! This quintessence of human illusions, our greatest strength, yet, a weakness so obvious that it would be almost absurd to deny it ... They will then realize that what ultimately mattered was only to live, to ensure that the consequences of their actions lessen over time, because it is the only real thing in life; there was never right or wrong, only the consequences of our actions! But they always gave it the most predictable of human responses: They denied it. They let their feelings, their fear blind them to the simplest and most obvious truths. But deep down they knew it; from heart to bone marrow they always knew, they weren't naive, stupid maybe, but not naive. Without realizing it, or perhaps without daring to admit it, they have created an illusory world, they have superimposed it on their gaze to prevent them from seeing the truth, and yet many of them are satisfied with it, to such an extent that everything that comes out of this platonic bubble is considered an outcast, reject of society, they consider as crazy all those who have awakened to this truth that they have so denied. It is not easy to get them to come to their senses, because they don't want reason, they don't want the truth, because that will imply that they become responsible for their actions, for their lives, something they're not used to doing, and it terrifies them. They created a world devoid of freedom, a system to manipulate them, a religion to justify their actions; a matrix specifically created to override logic and reason. I would like their minds to be less subject to this matrix, while they would like our minds to be less subject to this idea of causality and freedom. We want different things; they want to imprison us with them, we want to free them..
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