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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2243791
Half angel half-vampire discovers a new angelic trait
         Chapter 1          [Type          text]          started 12-3-20
Lost Wings

Book 1

Version 2

He crouches behind a garbage cart waiting to see what he's going to do to her. Its cold this evening there's a storm coming in from the ocean he can see that she has Goosebumps, or was it just fear? In any case, Adrian wants to catch him in the act; he wants to make sure he's a bloodsucker before he kills him. It's the good in him shinning through.

The man bends down to see a girl about fourteen years old, give or take a year or two. He's wearing a deep red brocade elegant tailcoat with a gold chain hanging from his pocket and in his hand he held a cane with what looked like a golden dragon skull for a handle. He pulls out his pocket watch, flips it open and checks the time. He looks down at her frail form and sighs.

"W-What do you want from me?" She asks him curled up in a little ball with nothing but her pajamas. "I don't have any money. I got kicked out of my parent's house, I have nowhere to go. Can you help me?"

"Of course I can little girl, fear not you are now part of my family. My name is Roul but you can just call me father." He says to her.

That would be creepy enough even if he wasn't a vampire. Then he noticed the girl quiet down and calm before him. She begins to sway slightly back and forth unblinking while he held the cane in front of her face, its eyes glowed red.
'Great, he's charming her, but with a cane? Yeah, I gotta stop him. Time to move." With the speed of a vampire, fangs out and a low hiss, he rushes over to the man and slams him to a wall, His face so close to Roul's that he comes within mere millimeters from touching the man's grossly long chin. They both hiss at each other, steam from the cold visible, both with fangs and claws out. Their eyes meet below his bushy eyebrows. Adrien notices that one eye is gold and one is green. He hadn't noticed his eyes in the dark fog of the eerily dark night. Roul rolls him around so that Adrien is now pinned against the wall.

"You dare to interrupt my on one of my meals!" Roul growls at Adrien.

"Those rules don't apply to me. I am special, and now you will leave. I will not kill you if you leave now." He said still pinned against the wall.

"Ha ha! It matters not how different you are. I can feel how inexperienced you are compared to me. You can't kill me! Now it's your turn to die and I'm not giving you a choice little boy."

"Run girl, Run!" Adrian yells out to the girl knowing this would be a hard-fought battle. She snapped into consciousness blinking her eye's, shaking and shook off the disorientation. As she got up to run from the scene; two more blood suckers immediately meet her. Adrien see's this from the corner of his eye as Roul throws a punch his way. The new vamps started to slowly and menacingly approach the little girl. She started slowly backing up not sure of what was going on but knowing that she is in a very scary and dangerous situation.

"Ya' want me to hold this little one for you? Or can I have her?" Canther asked Roul.

"I want her Canther, you take the next one." The other one says.

"She's mine!" Adrien's opponent says between punches and throws "Just keep her there."

Roul snaps his head forward to head but Adrien. It disorients him enough to knock him to his hands and knees. Roul kicks him in the side. Snapping bone could be heard, along with a loud grunt.

"Jarrod come here and hold him down," but Adrien had gotten up and pushed Roul hard enough to send him across the alleyway shaking the wall hard enough to lose some dust. Adrien runs to catch him but is stopped by Jarrod's arm; he was right behind him and kicked him square behind the knee bringing Adrien to his.

Adrien grabs Jarrod's red smoking jacket and flips Jarrod over his shoulder as he goes down. By this time Roul has already rushed forward to pin Adrien to the ground. Jarrod gets up and holds Adrien's other arm down.

"Carnther, get over here and help Jarrod hold him down! I'll get the girl." Roul yells.

Canther and Jarrod now both held Adrien down. Adrien was helpless. He could beat them one on one easily but he wasn't strong enough for two at once let alone three.

"Oh please Adrien, Your sister was so much more fun." He says with an evil smirk and a wink.

In an instant Roul stood behind the girl petting her long dark hair with both hands.

"you see Adrien, I told you I would kill you, but first I want you to watch what your father never showed you." He shrugged his shoulders with a smug look. "I hear things."

Adrien tried to fight back but with two vamps holding him down he was completely. . Helpless. They both made sure he was watching as she squirmed and softly whimpered in fear.

He held his cane in front of her from behind slowly waving it back and fourth. He started to charm her with his dragons head cane handle. She swayed back and forth slightly. He bites into his wrist.

"You will drink my blood now." Obediently, she reaches up and grabs his wrist and puts her young lips on his wound.
"Have mercy Roul, Let her go!" He yelled from his position on his knees. They were still holding him back. "Don't kill her. . please."

"Oh no my young vampire, I haven't killed anyone. . Yet." He said with an evil scowl across his face as he pulled his wrist away from her mouth. She chased his wrist with her mouth. "Now now, you will get your fill from him in just a minute.
He grabs her shoulders. "Welcome to your new family little one." He whispers in her ear. She starts to smile before he reaches up and snaps her neck. She falls to the ground.
"Nooo!" Adrien screams as tears stream down his cheeks.

The girl that lies in front of him on the cobblestone alleyway begins to shake and convulse hard in front of him, at one time she sits up still shaking. She shook so bad that it even looked like she could break her neck, if it hadn't been broken already. Blood fell from her lips and nose as she convulsed for the last few seconds. She had started to vomit all over the alleyway. Then, she landed on her face once more.

"Why do you do this? Just to be evil?" Adrien said in a whisper.
"Everybody needs friends."

She lay completely still for about ten seconds more and then begins to rise. She stands and rushes to Roul's side with a confused look on her face.

"What happened? Where am I?" She looks around with blood on her face completely unaware of what is transpiring right now.

"Now now, calm yourself my dear." He gently puts his hand on one side of her neck to comfort her.
"Leave her alone!"

"Don't be frightened child; I will take good care of you." He looks straight into Adrien's eyes snapping her neck. "And that, my friend, is how you make a vampire."

         Alone in a dense forest of pines rests a mansion unknown by most and cared for by even less. Inside sits a tall slender woman on a mahogany throne, inlaid with silver, shiny and cold. She dresses in tight leathers and a cloak colored in dark blue and sparkling gold.

         "I'm cold." She said in a harsh yet seductive manner. "Fetch another another log." She snaps her finger and the whole room goes silent. A young, weak-looking male enters the room carrying a large log in one hand and dragging another behind him.

         The boy places the logs in the center of the large ball room's fire pit; a most unusual design for a French mansion. There were pillars on each side of the hall and intricate designs made of pure marble created in the floor, which all her slaves kept very clean by her command.

         The boy turned and bowed toward this woman sitting on her throne of power.

         "You may feed now slave." She told him with a casual wave of her hand. He walks over to one of the pillars on her right where there were several males chained up. He picked one of the younger of them and proceeded to feed. He had only been feeding for about ten seconds.

         "That's enough my pet, you may go back to your cage now." She looked back to the center of the floor where several scantily clad muscular human males were standing. "You may continue." At that time a chorus of stringed and wind instruments began playing and the men start dancing seductively with one another as she laid her wrists gently and elegantly on the armrests.

         Around the room she watched as her clan, made entirely of women, began pleasuring themselves once again with their male humans.

         An agitated young man runs into the hall, stands in front of her and gets down on one knee with his arms crossed across his chest. He looks at the floor.

         "Speak." She commands.

         "A vampire lord named Roul has tipped off Adrien that has a sister, my queen."

         She screams in rage a twists her head to the side and calmly stands up. She walks slowly, yet, seductively down to where the man was kneeling. She leisurely circles the man saying nothing until she faces him directly. Grasping his chin, she lifts his head until she gazes into his eyes.

         "Is there anything else you wish to tell me? For instance, where his dwelling is?" Still staring into his eyes she lets go of his chin forcefully enough to force him to brace himself with his other knee. She can see his face quiver in fear.
         "N-no, my queen."

         She stands erect once more. The heels of her knee-high boots crackling loudly on the colorful marble floor putting one hand on each side of his head and starts petting his short tangled hair.

         "Did I not to tell you to track him to his lair? I believe I also to under no circumstances should you return until you had that information." She said in an alluring manner.

         "Y-yes my queen." He said, his head quivering in her hands.

         "No matter. I shall find one to do my bidding."

         Twisting his head violently but without effort, she pulled his head right off his body spilling blood all over her Dark blue Cloak.

         "Well shit! Now I have blood stains all over myself." Showing some anger, turning and sits "And bring me a new cloak, now!" She snaps her finger and all noise stops. No more talking, no more groans and pain. And her nude dancers came to attention. The queen stands. She had his head grasped by his hair; she placed it on her armrest and began stroking his hair.

          "If any of you fail in your task you shall incur my wrath, however, you shall not have the luxury of dying first." She looks to the floor.

         "Please my guests come forward to witness what will happen if you fail me."

         She waves her hand toward the dancers and they slowly gather around the ring in the floor.

         "Open the portal."

         The floor slides open to reveal a pit. His body limply drops to the floor of an old cavern.
         "Release the mutt; it's time for his daily feeding. Let us see if my new formula has made him obedient."
         The chains holding the giant beast unclasp as if by magic.
         "Stay!" She snaps, but the creature heads directly to the body tearing it with ease piece by piece. It looks up at her and roars.

         "Very well." She leisurely tosses the head into the pit where her experimental werewolf starts gnawing on the thick skull tying to get to the creamy filling.

Roul stood, after about thirty seconds the light went away.

She stands at attention next to him looking directly at Adrien, her eye's read hunger.

"My name is father and you can now live forever with the proper training. I will have you as my own."

"That will never happen Roul, I will stop you! I swear to god!" He said as he tried and failed once again to free himself.
"God? HA! There is no God! If there is then prepare to go to hell." Roul walks slowly up to him guiding the girl by her elbow. "Now, my young inexperienced vampire it is time for me to keep my promise and I ALWAYS keep my promises."
Using the grip they had on his shoulders they keep him on his knees as Roul guides her to Adrien's neck.

"Please dear, do partake in drinking from him, it will heal you. Do not fear to drink as much as you please."
She kneels down beside him and bites him in the neck drawing blood.

"NOO!" Adrien cried squirming away, he still couldn't otherwise you will suffer, suffer tremendously.

His black and silver wings opened up in a flash and he watched as Jarrod's head rolled in front of him. Without warning he fills the alleyway with light. Adrien realizes that he has another power. 'Angelic?' He was unaffected by the light but the others were stunned and unable to see for just a few seconds, enough time to grab the girl and split before it was too late.

He sprang into action jumped up, grabbed the girl and rushed out of the alleyway to the cave he calls home.

He put her down to let her sleep. He left and a short while later he came back to his dwelling;
Returned with a small doe. She was still fast asleep when he arrived back home.

His home, as he saw fit to call it, had a bed, a couple of couches and a makeshift kitchen. There was nothing fancy about it. He didn't need much to live on so there weren't a lot of decorations or adornments.

She has always needed more blood to keep her strength up; he wondered why she got this hungry. Most the other vampires only needed more blood. The girl woke up unsure of her surrounding her.

"What is going on?" She demanded.

"I would like to keep you from other vamps from killing you and I don't wish that at all. Besides you are very new to all this. You need someone to guide you. If you'll let me, I can train you if ethics and how to feed so you don't have to kill people.

"Why would you care what happens to me?"

"You're a newbie I also want to protect you. Your life is still very much in danger, I was really trying to make sure you didn't die right away. Judging by the way he was treating you, I wouldn't doubt that he would kill you and fast. That is why you're here. I just want to train you to have a different outlook on life, So you don't dye right away. I can train you.
"Again, why me?

"Maybe I felt sorry that I couldn't save you and the only way is too protect you now that you're with me. I also want to take anything that that puts you in harms way." Lets eat, maybe something to eat might help. Do you remember anything about your experience?"

"No, I also can recall anything about it other than I was scared and it was very cold." But why was I there? I can't remember."

"Yeah you're definitely a officially a vamp just like me." She finished.

"Let's eat and I'll Tell you more about your host, I want you to feel at home here but you don't have be afraid of me."
"Does that mean I get to have your blood again?" She asked.

"I'm going to try and see if this will work for you. I've been on this diet for a very long time and it is sustaining but it should curb your appetite," he told her. He let her drink the blood of the deer until she had her fill. Adrien completed the ritual. Then he gave thanks to God.

While he was skinning and dressing the meat she was looking through the scantily decorated home that he had made for himself. There was a pit in the middle for cooking on.


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