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The difference between natural, good love & toxic passion
                             Synthetic          Invigoration
You don't feel it when laying next to me?
Eyes wide open, muscles quiver.
Not quite an orgasmic shiver, maybe close.
Spasms under my skin
Shock to my nervous system
More so resemble the shakes you get, when all you need is another dose.

You don't feel it when looking at me?
Citrus hued warmth beaming through my dreamy windows
Flooding the contents of my soft, nude walls with solar power and vitalizing light
Similar to opening the curtains of a sandstone home on a California Summer day
But not quite.
More like after I powder my nose and feel everything is worth a fight
Right before that energy becomes bursting light
And everything feels beautiful and bright.

How about when you touch me, do you feel it then?
A blanket of iridescent and chilling comfort billowing just above me before gently embracing my body
Succulent silk touches skin and I am introduced to the elusive fantasy of galvanizing zen.
This cool rush is almost comparable to sinking in the wet sand at the edge of the sapphire divine below the overcast sky,
Breathing it in before embracing the dive
It's true
but what it is I genuinely feel
Is the risk and effects of swallowing two very different pills
One, a robbins egg
The other, a cartoon.

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