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Jeet's first and Michael's last jump
The scream increased in pitch till it came right overhead and bounced as the rope tied to the jumpers leg lunged him back.
“Doesn’t that look freaking crazy” Jeet gave an unsure smile as he looked at Michael whose wide open eyes clearly showed that scare .
“So up for it ? “ Jeet pointed up.
“Are you out of your mind”
“Oh come on, it will be really thrilling” Jeet tried to pull Michael who refused to budge from his place.
“Sorry brother, I’m not interested ” Michael moved a step back “I don’t want to pay and get the scare of my life”
Another scream echoed as Jeet continued to convince Michael for the bungee jumping.
“Ok, at least come up with me , can you do that ? “ Jeet pleaded with a last effort to pull him along, hoping he will agree once he is up with him.
Michael shrugged “OK, but I will only coming with you but don’t even dream i will be jumping”
“Yes yes” Jeet nodded his head pulling Michael along

“Are you ready ? “ instructor asked as he tied all the harnesses on to Jeet.
Jeet looked down “Jeet ,you are sure right ?” Michael looked worriedly at him
“Oh hell yes, am ready” Jeet shouted in crazy anticipation for his first bungee jump.

Michael gulped as Jeet plunged down, screaming in excitement all the way down.

“You next sir ? “ the instructor turned to ask Michael, but saw no one standing next to him.
“Sir, will you be .. “ The instructor turned back wondering where Michael was only to watch him climbing down the ladder faster than anyone he ever had.
“Thank you brother, but I got my thrill watching my friend, I don’t think I can handle more than that. “
The instructor burst out laughing as he waved at Michael.

Word Count :300
Written for
Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
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