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Intro to something I might write later.
I used to be a kid. I was five years old when I saw my biological parents die. They were killed by a doctor. One day in the past he had seen a monster, and it captivated him. It changed him. He dedicated his life to seeing it again and when he couldn't find it, he decided he'd make one. I was just one of many in the beginning. He did things. Surgeries, injections, lessons, training. Eventually the other kids started dying, but I didn't, I survived. I always survive. The rest of the other kids just became guinea pigs for things that would be perfected with me. The doctor told me I was his golden boy. I was there for seven years. The only one I had to talk to was this dog he changed to make sure we couldn't escape. I named her Gabi. She's my friend. The police found us eventually. They did what they could for the washouts, sent the doctor to prison, and found a new home for me. My new parents are nice enough people, they care about me. I even got to keep Gabi. I went to therapy, then I went to school. I had trouble for a long time until Frank forced me to join the track team. He's my other friend. They're the only ones that know everything about me. They know about the thoughts, the urges, when I need to run, when I need to feel the forest air fill my lungs. They know when I need to feel blood on my teeth and feel bones break in my hands. They know what happens when the moon shines too beautifully, and too high... But I try to be good. I slump my shoulders, keep my head down, and walk among the men. But now and again someone makes me look up. And I show them the animal behind my eyes.

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