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Bah-humbug, Cupid! Go away and leave me be. (One Star poetry on Slamming Cupid)
Oh no, not that silly cupid bothering me again!
Just shoot that arrow into someone else’s arse,
I’ll tell it straight, it’ll makes me mad as a wet hen;
Plus, what you, in your silly diaper, do is a farce.

I hate to be unkind, but I got an axe to grind,
Flowers make me sneeze, you love-loving little brat!
I need someone with the same track of mind,
Can you shake your quiver and give me that?

My advice to you now, stop with the birds and bees,
Bah-Humbug! Romance is universal, so go talk
With someone there, shoot your poison darts overseas,
This is my final warning, I draw my line in chalk.

Dang, I’m on fire! I’m in a whirlwind of desire!
You tricked me once again, stinky lil’ cupid,
All along, I must have been preaching to the choir,
I’ve fallen in love, feeling trapped, so stupid!

Don’t fight it guys and gals, it’s bound to happen,
I tried to yell out my concerns but it didn’t work,
This little cherub, in saggy diapers, wins again.
Most just refer to him as a bratty little jerk.

20 lines
Written for: "The Bard's Hall Contest
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