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A brief outline of my current ideas
Ideas for stories: This is a list detailing my current ideas and their inspiration. There is no time frame for any of this, nor will there be.

Harry Potter fanfiction: Create fanfic of the Lillian Potter chapters from Harry Potter TG. Inspiration is the numerous chapters I've typed up down that interactive path

Yugioh: Two GX fanfics, both Jaden x Alexis (I'll use English names unless anyone wanting to read them really wants to see the original Japanese names). One where Jaden joins the Society first instead of Chazz (inspiration from an abandoned fanfiction on fanfiction.net), and another where the Supreme King corrupts his friends, and invades Duel Academy with Alexis as his Supreme Queen.

These are my current ideas. This list will be expanded when I think of more.

Dragon Ball Stories: Saiyan OC slowly transforms Earth's population into his female harem

Game of Thrones: AU where Cersei uses magic to transform her enemies into her loyal lesbian handmaidens

PokeGirl Corruptions: Various women from Pokemon by one way or another join their regions criminal organisation
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