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Feasting on love's offering.
Chock all of it to dark experience, sweetened by desire stung.
Melting each worry’s bitterness on the tongue,
Leaving an unparalleled moment of ecstasy won.

It is not hard to swallow, the unwrapping is pure fun,
Making a funeral pyre of problems undone.
Scent alone, make the air, heaven, itself, feel stunned.

There is no substitute for its good taste.
Remember, how easily haste makes waste.
Slow is good, growing a smile upon your face.

They say nothing lasts forever, I doubt that is true.
One memory stands out most clever, requiring its just due.
It stirs a seductive trance, making my synapses dance anew.

Perhaps, there is a piece left for you to bite and nibble on,
then sing the praises of this edible siren’s song.
If love is an addiction shared, here is where I belong.

20 line poem dedicated to "The Taboo Words Contest February prompt - Chocolate
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