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Critical race theory part one: Race

There go a saying: "if yall throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelped loudest is the one that got hit."
There go folks that get fired up about these topics, and I aim to be polite whether folks is or aint.
But I aint one of those conservatives that tuck tail and get pushed around, and Im p*ssed at those who are.

Welcome to America.

Right off the bat Im black, and Im from the inner city.
I grew up in a single parent home, and my testimony would keep yall up at night. As I write articles Ill open up a little...H*ll, thanks for joining us.

Edit: Oh, pardon ME yall: Im a Christian, conservative, and a Republican, so according to liberals both black and white, I AINT black. Yall shouldve met me before Jesus cleaned me up real good... I was in and out of trouble, drinking, doing drugs, angry, and blaming everybody under the sun for my actions besides the choices I made and how I thought.

Look at the liberals reading this: "I KNOW...You were oppressed"...


Yall SO lucky for the sake of length of this article, I cant get into being born again, which pulls me FROM the world system... If I was "oppressed" by definition, its cause after my dad left when I was three ( maybe Ill write on those side effects later,) my mom worked THREE part time jobs to keep roof over me and my brothers heads, as well as food on the table...

The "oppression" that SEEMS TO ONLY attack black folks (as the narrative claims) is lack of fathers in the household. Its a rot to the upbringing of young men, which they go out looking for father figures in wrong places. This feeds them into the world in a perpetual disgrace. On top of that, they suffer a low income...OPPRESSION aint a racial thing, its a sad occurrence.

But, But Bride...SLAVERY!
-The Jews have been through slavery TWICE. Once to the Egyptians, another due to the Holocaust.
-The Native Americans have had a TERRIBLE run. In this article I did mention there were TWO groups of settlers...


It aint passed on like sin was through Adam and Eve (Rom 5:12.) A thought process, or philosophy, aint passed like genetics. If that was the case the gospel wouldnt need to be preached, and God wouldve just had the disciples reproduce or something crazy. A system of thought aint hereditary. "Oppression" is a system of thought. As long as theres black millionaires, doctors, supreme court justices, etc, this "theory" remains stupid. IM an example of this. I NEVER did any of the stuff my brother did, cause I saw the pain my mom went through. My brother, who overdosed years back was a drug dealer. Another example is alcoholic parents. One child will follow, while another swears the stuff off. ANOTHER example: Due to AINT having a physical dad (God has ALWAYS been my dad,) I know what NOT to do, and Im fixing to be the best dad on Earth when that time comes. So, no, the process ain't "handed down"...


Since we keeping with the "no snitching" policy as in inner cities, Im fixing to snitch my way clean through this article. See the problem with liberals is, and I could write all day, is they REALLY think they own black folks. They're the racist. Cause ONLY, and I mean ONLY, BLACK liberals would insult a God fearing, well respected, honest, hard working, black person who speaks in full sentences, (Im all knowing my grammar aint the towns gossip) calling them a "sellout," and using racial slurs white folks aint called blacks in DECADES. ( I aint ever been called non of the sort, cause Im um...A bit of the "rougher" sort...Shut up, Jesus loves me.) Theyre so quick to call black folks "coon" and "uncle tom" for being successful, or AINT LIVING AN OPPRESSED LIFE. The last time I checked, I aint carry and sleep with a gun cause my mind is on "Josh and Kelly." Then, theres white liberals-who tell blacks what black IS, and how to vote. This is all under an annoying stereotype, cause if yall think about it, having the problems I listed in inner city statistics classifies as "being black." Thats why "slang" is considered talking "black," but when a black person is articulate, hes talking "white." Thats why the "hood life" is "black," and suburban life is "white"...Get outta here with that: If Black lives matter was even a thing, how come aint no black heterosexual men seen in the "protests," and its like 95% white liberal kids hopped up on soy Starbuck coffee drinks, who carpool to the riot in a Prius? Martin Luther King had the support of BOTH races with Christianity as its source, no violence, impacted the world and changed legislations...BLM caused property damage, killed folks, spins a lie as its agenda, completely anti Christian, and AINT CHANGED NOTHING- but black folks wear that d*mn riot fist like a badge of honor. I really aint like using race colors as examples, but Im illustrating something here. The gospel truth is AINT NO COLORS, ONLY CULTURES- meaning by how folks live. If a white person moves to a violent black "hood," he'd eventually change quicker than a pig got loose, and turned ferel into a boar- If a black person moved to a suburb, he'd end up shopping at grocery stores with canvas grocery bags...Dont yall get hussied: Yall know that comparison was HILARIOUS. Well, I laughed typing it...Loosen the h*ll up...

God created all men equal- races, male and female- If yall aint believe that, thats YALLS problem...

Im now returning yall back to yalls scheduled program-

Nor, am I dimmer than a fifteen watt bulb thinking cops fixing to shoot me were ever I go. The inner city culture, and its a CULTURE- Cause youd have to be dumb as a prairie dog to think only blacks live here, is VIOLENT. We glorify VIOLENCE. We idolize violent folks. Rap to a certain degree (with a small percentage being positive) is one of the MOST violent forms of music next to Death metal. We glorify prison. You come home from college, and aint nobody care...Come home from prison, and get a barbecue. You carry a gun, thats JUST how it is. By the age of fifteen, get to looking. The point Im making is, yall chances of getting shot in inner cities due to black on black violence are higher than eagle beaks...

Lower than jumping off a dime getting shot by a cop.

Funny how aint complying gets folks roughed up. I done had it happen to me. Cops will rough up white folks too, just resist arrest- But weres the ratings in that? All ain't like that. Cops are people. Theres good folks and bad in every situation. Needless to say I aint get shot, cause yall see, I aint dumb enough to reach for a weapon. Now there IS injustice, we ALL know that. But whats DANGEROUS about critical race theory is the basis of taking isolated incidents, and making a dang doctrine out of it. Plus, get the news to loop the thing over and over, add some KIDS to the fire, and there yall go...Instant p*ssedoffness. KIDS are more easy to turn emotions, but by how some of yall raising kids- just in the wind to believe anything, they make good targets. If critical race theory was introduced when I was in high school (when I DID go,) we wouldve laughed at yall, like: "This is the most racist sh*t we done ever heard! Yall trying to tell us we're "oppressed" cause of our race, gender, sexuality, and religion?!" It was fine to be Christian then. We aint tuck our tails cause media and Hollywood said so. We were taught about AMERICA and Martin Luther King...Not Lebron James and Taylor Swift.

-Segregation was done away with in 1703 by Congress, which it also had black Republicans...The Supreme Court overturned it.
-Ben Franklin, which I aint even think he was Christian, but KNEW the importance of the Word- started one of the first schools of Christianity to teach blacks to read and write.
-Two sets of settlers came to "America"...The first BOUGHT land from the Native Americans, and tried to teach Christianity to avoid fighting.
What, yall aint know that? Strange. Its like they kept that from yall...
Good luck finding it if google aint wipe it, OR it aint got a tag with "white supremacy" or "false information"...

Yall want more?

-70% of inner city homes aint got fathers.
-Blacks LEAD in abortion among any race, which aint make NO sense, cause abortion was created with a eugenics purpose...(look it up)
-Black on black violence is the leading death cause among young black men.

How come Black Lives Matter dont talk about that? Cause they aint care. I doubt anybody knows what their mission statement said BEFORE they took it down from their website, cause folks was dropping them like flies...Just ignore the feminism extreme to were men are HATED, and the attempt to set out to "disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family." Nothing to see here. Please excuse the want for s*x work to become legal, and the government raising yalls kids...Just do a split screen on the news with MLK marches...By the way, all donations to BLM were filtered through "actblue" which is a Democratic donation site. They raised close to a billion dollars. "Winred" is for Republicans. So...

The money went to Joe Bidens campaign, besides what BLM spent on shopping sprees.

But black lives matter. After burning down INNER CITY businesses and neighborhoods for about one hundred plus days, close to 45 blacks were murdered... One was a little girl, and a BLACK retired police officer named David Dorn. If that aint crazier than a road lizard, the founders TOLD YALL they were trained marxists in a private interview...I ain't lying.

Yall ain't see that on the news?
I wonder why...

This red pill gone hurt to swallow.

Critical race theory:
Critical race theory is derived from marxism and communism. We all know what communism is, (but apparently some americans dont) but marxism is an evil philosophy that should be taken seriously. Long story short, it bases results in life only based on certain elements: Race, gender, sexuality, and financial class. In other words, nothing else factors, and the world hates yall like the desert hates rain based on this. It's an indoctrination. As mentioned, the youth is the primary target, cause theyre the most emotionally driven- that, and dress it up real good like: "The rich oppress the poor so EVERYBODY should own production, America was built on slavery, NOTHING changed for women's civil rights since the 50s, yall ain't treated fairly cause of yall sexuality," tend to look good to kids who ain't got no good thinking on them. All yall got to do is remove religion, facts, statistics, honest and scientific facts, and yall got a big old pot of relativism...This is why in debates nothing matters, and screaming is the go to response.

"Relativism is the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, and historical text are not absolute."

No, it's just as yall read it. It means "cause we say so"...

So, these are things to consider the next time yall fixing to call somebody an "ist" or a "phobe" of some kind.

Besides the Devil himself, there are folks who need folks oppressed, or they'd be out a job. Yall pawns, thats all. Anytime any progress surfaces, these folks see it as a threat. Yall being pinned against each other for not following these narratives, which, keeps yall:


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