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by zaq
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A small story about anything but tennis, I have neither seen nor played tennis.
The reason tennis is such a beloved sport is that it has played such a giant role in the lives of so many, myself included. All throughout my youth and into my teenage years, Tennis has really been therapeutic to me, being the only consistent thing going on in my life, I’ve always had a racket to lean on when things got rough. Being such a full, raw sport, rich in all categories of life, looking a little closer into the game and you’ll see the precision in every hit, maximizing your movement, using every muscle to its fullest, using your body as a chess piece, playing your cards right.
The most intriguing mechanic in tennis is the intense pressure as you continue to withhold your ground, knowing that one slip up and it’s over, one wrong hit, turn or prediction can cost you it all.
Knowing the entire game’s outcome lay on your decisions entirely, knowing every error was an oversight on your behalf. Devastation creating a proper sense of accomplishment at the end of every match looking at your improvement afterward, understanding your flaws working towards bettering your own ability as a human.
There is no wrong way to play tennis, there are a million different outcomes for every decision, a million more for each of your rival’s. Knowing how to react to every scenario because of your experience in similar situations in the past, varying your reactions depending on the outcome of your previous ones. Studying your opponent’s movement to predict where they may swing next, having that edge on your opponent can make the difference between winning or not, making every game a new world, building out before you as the ball whizzes by, the wind cracking shortly behind, switching angles back and forth, anticipating the next hit, that is tennis.
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