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by Natsby
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True tales of a wanderer.
I am the mysterious, never quite too serious, fashionable in every which way especially late, alter-ego of Natasha. I live upon the shoulders of this emotionally damaged and what used to be lively human.

Now just an empty shell whose brain has been washed and programmed, with her only thought continuously stuck on repeat. In a dreadfully boring, lifeless and quite honestly, pathetic monotone voice. She constantly mutters the word’s, “I don’t care.” Which is beginning to sound a lot like an alley cat in heat screeching for affection.

So now I the Great Natsby, am taking over to share the tales of this once, energetic, smart-mouthed, know it all. A truly lovely human I must note. Once overflowing with tenacity and courage and always ready to... (well you know). Of course, only if necessary and what would be deemed justifiable. A woman who would fight when its right and in the right way.

So, prepare yourself to hear the adventures of the Great Natsby and my master of disaster. The one that got us in into more shenanigans than I could even juggle, (great party trick by the way), while I await my favorite party guests return, and she better be better than ever.
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