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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2243981
Getting a raise out of the boss was all that this employee hoped for.
Tom my boy. Make it good. This year’s Valentine’s Day cards gotta’ have heart. Get it?

Knock, knock.

All right. I give. Who’s there?


Abby, who? And this better be sweeter than chocolate or flowers so it melts my heart and sells.

Abby Valentine’s Day.

Ouch. That card clubbed me good. It the best you got? We need a heart to heart conversation.

Knock, knock?

How about you knock off the knock knock jokes? O.K. Your deal. Who’s there?


Atlas, who?

Atlas it’s Valentine’s Day.

That is so old I think Columbus discovered it. Second strike. You better stop having a ball with the knock knock jokes. You Haven't thrown a good one, yet and you're driving me batty.

Knock knock.

Last chance. Third strike and you're out. Make me a believer, if you can. Who’s there?


Wait. Let me see that card. Spelled that wrong. Should be 'Merry'. Why do you have my moniker scrawled on it? Trying to impress? Make up your mind. Merry? Marry? Mary, who?

Mary, marry me on Valentine’s Day, and we'll both make merry. Does need a certain ring to it. Ah. Here’s one with a diamond. Don’t have a fit until you give it the finger.

Can't. I got sparkles in the eye. Wow. Fits like it was born there. What a card you turned out to be. You really caret for me, don’t you? You’ve got all the heart I need. Made your bet and played your last card just right. Why did you take so long to ask? I’ll merrily marry you and make you my partner. Can’t knock that, now, can you? Sorry, I asked. Now, that you've softened me up, I'll let you know I took a peek in your desk and liked what I saw. let's see those Valentine's day cards you've got.

273 word entry into February's dialogue 500 contest.

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