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Lounge Blurb 2/10/21
Meanwhile over at "The Dreamweaver Lounge

blimprider has put up some interesting prompts for February's "Dreamweaver Anthology Project"

         "Good morning, Loungers, and welcome to round seven of the Dreamweaver Anthology Project. You will, as always, be asked to write about whatever you feel like, as long as it follows the prompts. The prompts that follow are, as always, random draws from the Storymatic® Card Decks that have been showing up in ads embedded in the newsletters lately. Here are those for February:

CHARACTER: A homeless person.
SITUATION: A language barrier.

No genre, style, or tone is specified. It can be a story, poem, song, or screenplay. To clarify, the Character needn't be the protagonist but must be a major player, at least the antagonist or confidant. Likewise, the Language Barrier must figure prominently, and in this case, involve the protagonist."

There are some rules — you can review them here "Anthology Project, Round 7"  

And, I am going to add some special twists of my own to the mix!

First Twist: Every Entry This Month Receives 5,000 Gift Points!

Second Twist: Every Entry That Receives 4 Stars Or More From blimprider Receives An Addition 5,000 Gift Points!

Last Twist: Sorry, This One Is A Doozy! If You Can Wrangle Your Story, Poem, Song, or Screenplay To Honor This Month's Made Up Holiday "Valentine's Day", You Will Receive Yet Another 5,000 Points!

And This Handsome Little Fellow — A "Brennus As Cupid Merit Badge"

Merit Badge in Brennus as Cupid
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Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Any Questions Feel Free To Ask This Guy, And Thanks, Richard's Fall Cleanup!

P.S. If you share this on your Newsfeed Please Let Me Know, There Is A 1,000 Gift Point Reward For Sharing!!
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