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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2244012
A tale in lines about a lonely knight.

An old Knight's day of wars was gone,
And there came those for his last fun;
From 'midst the woods behind his home,
He would watch cattles moo and roam
Beneath the vast, unhedged, green lands,
Whereon did work his young, farm hands.
One day, he was thus occupied
Sitting on leaves many and dried,
When from among the big branches
Came sweet notes meant for all ages.
The lone Knight's day was made lively
As the strange notes travelled widely.
But when he leaned back to recline,
There came dry cracks elephantine;
The unseen singer stopped its song
And wasn't heard for a time long.
It would return and sing today,
But crackles made it fly away.
The old man longed for its company,
But snores and rustles made it flee.
So the old knight would have no more
And turned to things he did before.
It wasn't long, it sung again,
But the knight knew this would bring pain.
So he brought out his old crossbow
And caused the singer's head to bow.
' If your audience can't even sneeze,
Then leave them to retain their peace!'

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