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I listened to the song, a few times. It has a nice, catchy rhythm and is nice to listen to, but as far as deeper meanings, I'm at a loss. Normally, I relate well to songs in some manner or another. Even if they don't apply to me personally, I find I can relate to the lyrics and the artist's meaning.

But this song, catchy as it is, didn't trigger anything. Not that the words aren't good, they just didn't connect with me. For example, in the song, whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I'm home again. To me, that's almost confusing. It goes on to say whenever I'm alone with you, I'm whole again, I'm young again, I'm fun again, free again, and I'm clean again. Also, to me, confusing. Then, add in the chorus and it's even more confusing.

I put a lot of thought into the song, but the meaning still evades me. The only meaning I could get was if the song is about a person who has a miserable relationship at home, is away from home a lot, and is having an affair when out on the road. But even then, it's not clear because if things are so bad at home that a person doesn't feel whole, young, fun, free, and clean, why would they feel like they are home again?

I'm sure someone will nail the meaning and it will be like, "Wham!" and everything will make sense, but in my mind, I have not found that place yet. Even so, it's a nice song, catchy and well sung. To others, it probably has meaning and is something a lot of people can relate to; this time around, I'm the odd duck out.
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