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The realities of homeless life. Anthology Project Round 7 entry.
Anthology Project, Round 7

Shivering, Monty wrapped himself tighter in the shabby blanket he had. He looked out from his sheltered corner beneath the bridge. The sun had just risen past the horizon. At least it might warm up now. He gathered his blankets into a bundle and stuffed them into the folding canvas wagon that held the totality of his worldly belongings. He came out from under the .bridge, dragging his wagon, and went directly for the bathroom in the park next door. It was one of the few parks where the bathrooms were open year-round. It was partially heated, just enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Monty entered the men's room and used the toilet before washing up for the day. He filled his water bottle from the sink and took a big drink.
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