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Omanian makes a desperate move.
Saving The Last One

Omanian furtively lugged the box to the rickety handcart along with a sack. Once loaded, he took up the handles. His city was in smoking ruins from the incessant war that had raged in his country for decades.

“It must be saved! The last of its kind!” he whispered as he looked longingly over his shoulder at the war-torn place that had once been his home.

Since he had greased the wheels of the cart for emergencies, he was able to quietly pull the cart to a place he’d found some distance away. The small bay was too small for warships, so was forgotten during battles.

‘It’s perfect for what I have to do, what I must do!” he murmured as he trundled on.

When he arrived at the bay, he brought the cart down near the water’s edge. Going to the back once more, he opened the lid of the box. Omanian gently removed its contents to look at it once more.

“The last book!” he said softly as he caressed it.

With a broken sigh, he placed the tome back into the box. Using a special concoction found only in the office he had maintained in the library, Omanian, its librarian, sealed the lid and seams of the container. Lastly, he added a stout lock, which he also treated with sealant.

Pushing and shoving, he got it into the water of the bay. When it was floating, Omanian climbed onto the lid of the box with his sack. Using a piece of driftwood, he began to paddle out to sea.

“I‘ll see that this precious piece of knowledge gets to the great library in Alexandria, if it’s the last thing I do,” he said stoutly as he began the longest journey of his life.

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