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A question on Quora. Is it ok to spend 14k on a pet? I was against and SS was for.
This is a mostly unaltered conversation with limited editing for fairness to both parties.

Me (under the moniker of Captain Controversy)...I find it bizarre that someone would entertain the thought of spending this outrageous amount of money on a pet, when in third world countries, there are people who have no access to clean uncontaminated water and must give this bacteria-laden water to their children, knowing it could kill them…yet here in the first world, we use clean water to flush our toilets.

That amount of money quite possibly could feed a village for a year or provide clean water or education opportunities for kids who are severely disadvantaged…and in reality, could mean the difference between a child growing up to become a doctor or end up being sold into prostitution. How entitled have we become where this kind of question must be asked. It’s no wonder there is so much ill-feeling towards the west in countries that just want the basics for human survival…things we take for granted.

Lars B (Danish/German Veterinary Surgeon)...I find it tiresome that some SJW people take the moral stance to tell other people what they should do or not do with their money. Especially if it is based on speculations. The child that you are fabulating about could also end up a rapist, terrorist or paedophile. What good would that be?

Me...You're right Lars…that was speculation…and people can spend their money on whatever they choose. Be it a dog or a charity. It just seems to me that such a large amount of money could help someone in need…perhaps someone in your neighbourhood…no terrorists or pedos anywhere near you I'm sure.

Or even yourself…maybe you could do with some help financially or even morally. I didn't realise that having morals was a flaw, and I apologise to anyone who was offended by my comments. I also apologise to you Lars…for being tiresome and saying completely outrageous things from atop my morally high standpoint.

I'm new around here and needed to be put me in my place…can't have SJW (please excuse my ignorance, but I don't even know what that stands for, although I am sure it is deserved) people running rampant saying things which are just plain tiresome.
I shall slink off now...so lost within my own opinions that I will need to take my moral compass with me just to find my way home…obviously, we are not welcomed in your part of the world, Lars. I will try to keep any future comments within the boundaries of moral low ground so you can add your two cents worth to other SJW types …dirty bastards that they…Ummm…we are.

Dr Lars...Morals are a good thing, but imposing it on others is not.
14000 dollars is close to what I spend on vet bills a year, but I have 12 dogs and 4 cats. However, I operate quite a few people for free, if they can't afford my fees. That comes down to much more, so I take the liberty to spend on what I see fit.
Hip replacements on old dogs are not something that I consider a very good idea because the benefit is limited compared to the trauma to the dog.
On the other hand, I have performed complicated jaw surgery on a young dog with multiple fractures of upper and lower jaw after a car accident. The vet did the anaesthesia and I did the handy work. 14.000 dollars would not have paid my bill, but the dog was without an owner, so she had no insurance. Five years later she is ok and lying by my feet as I write this.

Me...Dr Lars…I had no idea you were an animal philanthropist…donating so much of your time and care and let's face it…cold hard cash to our animal friends. I think it is noble to take up the cause of animals, who would otherwise be destroyed. I really do have a better understanding now of why you would consider my views as tiresome…and why you would feel that I am telling people how to spend their money. You love and protect our little furry friends (and no doubt make a very good living from their owners) and I must have appeared to you as some kind of animal non-lover with my views about the plight of those who live every day with more danger, more fear of violence being perpetrated upon them than anywhere else in the world. Maybe even more than some cities in the US. I am not serious of course, and that is a completely different football to kick around.

I Googled SJW...Social Justice Warrior, and I am truly honoured to have that label hung upon my person…especially by such an esteemed surgeon as yourself. And here I was, thinking you were trying to insult me, but I was mistaken and appreciate the love you have shown me. Considering I only just joined the conversations here a few days ago, I feel quite peachy that you have taken the time to get to know me so well…I’m a Virgo…I’ll bet you are a Sagittarius or a Leo or maybe a Tarsus or maybe you are a Virgo…Imagine that…with your skill and wealth and my SJW badge, we could perform miracles on third world dogs and cats..or at the very least save them from the rapists, pedos and terrorists who abound in THOSE places…people so evil and desperate they see our little darlings not as cute and adorable, but as dinner. Not on our watch Sir Surgeon…Ummm…can I be the superhero and you be my sidekick? Oh, Sir Surgeon, we are going to have so much fun together.

Much to my disappointment, there were no more replies.

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