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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2244239
Travel far, travel wide... and keep going
Valentine (Locked Down)

A heart that has been woken,
can never go back home;
with words that go unspoken,
to face the world alone

Lost hearts locked down, Valentine,
a day eithout you near;
a kindred soul dragged over time,
a spirit drenched in fear

Sweating 'neath a baking sun,
the memory, it flies;
it longs to make another run,
... cut short are its cries

Clustered round a firepit,
as flames climb bolder, grow;
in the past, from where I sit,
'midst colder, falling snow

with summer's ship long sailed,
locked away' neath winter's veil;
the times I tried and failed,
levied, drawn and pale

Thawing on the ledges,
the blade, it has its needs;
grasping razor's edges,
to see how bad it bleeds

Pooling out the borders,
out of bounds, the heart, it craves;
vagrant souls drift out of order,
getting washed beneath the waves

A desperate string of alibis,
a weaving through of words;
a flight of lovelorn Dragonflies,
... a murmuring of birds

A glance of something sacred, stole,
a glance of self belief;
a chance to see you naked, whole,
a chance to see beneath

to strip 'neath a veneer, awed,
touch canvas, "neath the paint;
with guy lines far from clear, flawed,
... a spirit naive, quaint

Anxious with desires drawn,
drawn towards the flame;
cautious through the fire's form,
careful with the game

Pensive in such meadows, played,
preened pastures, perfect plains;
getting lost in shadows, staid,
as ghosts call out your name

Haunting where the heart abodes,
where ships have long since sailed;
a meeting at the crossroads,
where the tarmac meets the rails

Stood upon the platforms edge,
the train rolls into sight;
careful with the bets we hedge,
hope destinations right

Seen too many speed on by,
"Please stay behind the lines"
carriages with plush confines,
conflicted are such times

Times I should have told her straight,
the times she should have known;
the silence that I sold her, late,
in vacuums we atone

I should've stopped the second night,
I should've let you know;
When it came to fight or flight,
should not have let you go

but sometimes, somethings fall in place,
too fortunate, too right;
stunned within a sacred space,
left blinded by the light

A blazing sun to tempt me, bright,
when cold wings clipped, can't fly;
with cupid's quiver empty, light,
a bow that's strung too high

Wrapped around and tied just so,
a jacket straight, straps froze;
but some hearts dream, just can't let go,
... what the mind already knows

with pedestals set far too high,
to climb, to rhyme, to scan;
muted cries and alibis,
so far off pitch, off plan

It seems it goes unspoken,
when a heart has time to roam;
... when feelings are woken,
you can never go back home
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