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A man wakes to a big surprise.
“He looks so peaceful.” Dr. Jensen looked back toward Dr. Roberts, the department chief.

“I think he's slept long enough,” said Dr. Roberts. She joined Dr. Jensen at the bedside, and both doctors watched the patient's chest rise and fall, the only sign that he was even alive.

“Mr. Stevens.” Dr. Jensen reached down and gave the patient's arm a gentle nudge. He and Dr. Roberts watched as Alan Stevens stirred slightly before rolling onto his other side and beginning to snore.

“Mr. Stevens,” Dr. Jensen repeated. “It’s time to get up.”

A dim glow from the lamp on a bedside table provided the only illumination. “We should brighten the room a little.” Dr. Roberts stepped back and switched on a ceiling light, bathing Alan in a harsh glow. “Oops,” said Dr. Roberts. “That might be a little too much.” She reached over and slid the dimmer switch down a bit.

“Wake up, Mr. Stevens.” Dr. Jensen jiggled Alan's arm again. “It’s time to get up.”

Finally, Alan turned toward the doctors and opened his eyes just enough to make out their forms. “Where am I?” he wanted to know.

Dr. Roberts stepped closer to the bed to give Alan a clearer view of his visitors. “Do you remember going to sleep?”

“I don't think so.” Alan yawned and stretched his arms out straight. “How long have I been asleep?”

“Just over twelve years and three months.”

Alan's eyes popped wide open. “Did you just say--”

“Twelve years, three months, four days, and two hours.” Dr. Roberts smiled. “And do you know what that means?”

Alan yawned again. “What?”

“It appears that we finally found a cure for your insomnia.”
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