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A new idea for digital cards
“Ah Valentine’s day, there used to be such a buzz in all the greeting card shops in our times , that was true love”
“Well Love is in the air now too, but I guess in a different way.
“The generation today would rather send an Emoji on whatsapp then take the trouble of going to the shop and buying a card”
“Well, I can’t contradict that,so I say we change our approach too
“What do you mean?”
“The generation is all about digital now”
“Hell yeah”
“Why not digitise our cards too .”
“There are so many sites for e cards, and sorry I feel they are as impersonal as sending emojis”
“Yeah yeah, I know you love the printed physical cards”
“Yes, aren’t they the real deal. Someone takes the trouble of actually going, searching selecting , writing”
“Hmmm well yes that sure does give a very personal touch, so I thought we can get back some of the personal touch”
“And how do you plant to do that”
“We can put a touch screen on the cards and let people type their message into the screen”
“Oh boy are you out of your mind”
“No no, just think of it”
“Put a screen on a card, boy you sure are going nuts in love. “
“I.. I mean it, just think of it , won’t it be so cool to look at”
“Do you have any idea who expensive the card is going to be”
“Yes, but it’s the day of love, don’t you think they will pay a little more.”
“They still need to go to a shop to buy it.”
“Why don’t we deliver it to their homes, digitally personalised cards with their own message scrawling on the display on the card”
“Sounds techy, but you know... I… am not really sure “
“Come on, lets just give it a try, I will take care of marketing the product on all social media platforms”
“You really think this will work ?”
“I think it will be worth a try”
“Ok, why don’t we do one thing, send one with a custom message to my wife and lets see what she feels about it”
“Whaaat ?”
“Yess… that is the perfect test if she likes and approves, I will give my nod “
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