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My very first short story, made at 14 years old.
I once heard a noise at work coming from the cold rooms, and I felt slightly scared hearing them considering I was the only one in the building now. Work had finished, yet the fact I felt slightly unsafe with the noises in the building made me feel that the building was unsafe. By now it was 7:34, and instead of going home to my safe place, my house, I would be going through dark, empty corridors just to make sure everything was alright. The main exit was closed, but I had a main exit key to get out and leave. Still, I decided it would be best to check the noise before departing home.

I started walking down the corridors to where I heard the noises, going off target a couple of times. Every step was scaring me, because I hated the dark, especially unknown noises coming from somewhere I don't know or have never been to. It sounded like creaking noises, like when you step on an incredibly creaky or unstable floor, and it was really freaking me out. I almost wanted to run from the building, screaming. But I could not. If I feel unsafe then the building is very likely unsafe.

I eventually got to where the noise was, and it was coming from the cold room. My heart was racing, and I could feel every pump of blood going through my veins. I took a peek inside, but the noise clearly wasn't coming from in there. I lost my train of thought, wondering where the noise really was coming from. As I entered the cold room a piece of my clothing got stuck on the door, but when I managed to rip off the piece of cloth, it was too late. The door shut on me and I was trapped inside the cold room. I could already feel the coldness on my skin, and it was already hurting. I was panic-stricken, more though I was petrified, shocked and I just couldn't believe that I was in this situation. I was praying I was in a dream. But I wasn't; this was real.

I didn't know what to do, all I knew was I had to keep myself alive because there is no way I was going to lay down and die here. If I was to die I would be dying with my boyfriend, on a comfy mattress, relaxed and at peace, making the rest of my life the best.

I tried to keep myself moving, despite the incredibly small size of the room, as well as the fact everything on me was hurting. There wasn't anything that could keep me warm, and if there was anything it would be as cold as ice by now. I had left my phone in my handbag, which was inside my locker, yet even if the thing went off, no-one would hear it to the fact it was on silent. Despite my best-possible efforts to keep moving, I was only getting colder and colder. Horrified, maybe traumatized. I could not keep going any longer and I lay myself on the floor.

I never gave up hope that I would break out of here alive, but my hope was now waning. I felt so cold, as well as frightened. Inevitably I would die, so I didn't know what to do. I could barely breathe; I couldn't move, opening my eyes was now impossible. I lay on the floor, watching my life fade away before me. And then... I heard something.

Something was in the building outside the cold room; I could hear it's footsteps. They were opening every door they saw. I had no clue who it was, or who it could be; I was the only one in the building. Well, not now, I wasn't. Due to my condition, I couldn't make any sound or movement, not that it would make a difference anyway, because the cold rooms were soundproof. I forced myself to open my eyes, despite it was painful trying to. Still, I managed the strength and resistance to, and I saw the ceiling of the cold room, covered in a very thin layer of ice. I stared up at the ice for a couple minutes, and then, seconds later, I passed out. My final emotions being worried and angry, yet weirdly relaxed. As relaxed as a person sleeping on a futon in Japan.

I was unconscious, but I could feel something on me... A hand, pulling me off the floor. I couldn't see, nor think. My hearing was very blurred, like a half-deaf person without their hearing aids. The person picked me up, slowly. They were making sure I didn't go into shock from the sudden movement. The person that saved me carried me out of the cold room, and the next thing I knew, I was awake, alive!

The first thing I saw was myself in a thermal blanket. The cold on me was gone, and I was relieved from the pain. I felt like crying. I was so shocked that someone found me. I could've ended up in the ground, but I wasn't, and won't be for some time. I was so relieved, so happy, very thankful and grateful to whoever saved me. I was still here; not dead. I was so lucky; I doubted this would ever happen again.

I looked up, and I saw Xavier, the security guard, standing up making sure I was alright. The next thing I knew I nearly drowned him in an ocean of the words "Thank you so much!" He said he saw my car in the parking lot and knew that I was in danger when he realised I wasn't in the working room, locker room or the ladies' toilets. He said he then searched every door in the hope he would find me, which, eventually, he did. The main thing was he found me alive. On the verge of death but alive! I said "Thanks" again, but he said that he was just doing his job.

I told him I heard a noise coming from near the cold room. His reply was "That was me. I went passed the place and saw your car in the parking lot, despite the windows showed no light, so I parked my car in the parking lot and inspected the place. If it wasn't for that, you may not have been found till the next day, when it would be too late." I sincerely apologized to him for the situation. Still, nevertheless, he said the same words that he was just doing his job. Xavier then said I'd better head off home, and if I wanted, to have a day off to recover not only physically but mentally too. That was what I did.

I got into my car, and Xavier got into his, and before he disappeared into the darkness, heading to his home, I waved a final goodbye to him. Then I turned my engine on and headed home myself, still dizzy over what happened, but very, very glad that I was found.

I, from then forth, made sure that I had control over my mind and made sure that I never went near the cold rooms again. It wasn't part of my job, anyway.
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