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From my heart - to your eyes.
It occurred to me the other day that there might be people in this world who have never fallen for someone who didn’t fall too, but there could be a possibility where there would be people who have. Not like you were never truly loved, well you were, and still are (blessing, one would certainly call it)

You fell in love, were in love & you've done it with everything you have in yourself, but why hasn’t anyone fallen in love with you yet, whole heartedly? Without being a girl that was lied too, cheated on and was attacked over? Life; you may call it, but yet again you were there, there, fixing every broken piece of the other human neglecting yours all the time, giving countless chances, holding on to every broken piece of your own in hope that you some day will have it fixed by them but you were wrong.

It took me a whole lot of time to realize why does this happen & it was very simple. No one has fallen in love with you because 'You're not the girl you fall in love with'

You're possibility the woman he would admire.
You are certainly not the girl he can protect because you're not fragile enough to break at every step.
You're broken already, you're hardened & you have battle scars, which you're not ashamed of the marks, and blemishes, and bruises on your body and mind. They’re yours and they tell your story.

But your not the girl they would want to spend hours with, just staring at each other, going out on a coffee, lunch or dinner dates, only.

Because you're possibly The woman who won't sleep around with them just cause you love them, knowing that they don't
The woman who's bold enough to give him a 'NO', knowing you might loose him
The woman who highly understands that she's more than just a toy
The woman who is more than his 'sometimes'
The woman who knows her self respect
The woman who has learnt her Worth

Eventually, he might leave, just because he'll find a girl who makes him happy, who does whatever he wants her too, instead of a woman who made him think twice before putting in a question.

Some people won’t be able to see your worth, honey, some people won’t realize how much you have to offer. Some people are going to treat you like shit. But remember, the experiences that shaped you, the obstacles that tested you, the mountains that you have climbed and moved, the hopes that sustained you, this new beginning that wasn't exactly what you needed.
All of them are responsible for building you up to the strong and resilient person that you are today!

Don’t be disheartened by your lack of progress or the fact that your journey is taking longer than you envisioned.

Even when nothing seems to be happening, you’re growing and going to places. Be patient, for success takes time, for dreams take time to turn into reality.

I hope you know that you are worthy of bigger things.
Your past has no power over you. No experience is wasted, and there is a lesson in all that you went through.

I hope you always remember that there is only one of you in this entire universe and that is a miraculous fact.
Every inch of you is close to perfection. You are way stronger than what you give yourself credit for.

& Darling remember, you're not the girl he would fall in love with. You're the woman he'll learn to love.
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