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What happens when one gets lost in a TV station?
If it had not been for this pandemic, I would someday take a tour of a TV station, mainly one like WBOC-TV in Salisbury, MD; In the meantime, I would like to tell you a story of a man who got lost in a television station one time. He goes by the name of John; one day, he had been given an invitation by the TV station WHCH-TV to go on the tour of the station. He had wanted to take a tour of the station because he wanted to write a report on it for high school and wanted to get a good grade.
A few days later, John visited the TV station and was guided to a tour; he looked around at all of the things that go with a TV station, including the cameras. However, while he was looking around, John began to get lost in the station, and then he tried to find his way back to where he should be, but he did not have any luck in doing so. Then, he began to feel the call, and he needed to go to the bathroom! So, with that, he went to find the restroom, and at first, he thought he had the door to the restroom, but unfortunately, he got the wrong door! Instead, it was a door to all of the television sets that broadcast every room at the station!
John just could not believe the many TV sets that he was seeing; just then, he began to see himself on each TV, and each of those television sets, showing a different version of his life. John began to watch every bit of his life from each of the TV sets in the station; but suddenly, there was a ghost-like spirit who appeared in the middle of those groups of televisions. The spirit began to speak…

“I heard that you have wanted to be a news reporter one day and that you wanted to take a tour of a TV station so that you could report that down for your high school paper…I am happy that you have chosen to take this career path in which you would be entering in the future once you graduate. I just wanted to tell you that it is not going to be easy, but I know that you are going to achieve this. I just want to tell you that, no matter what, you just keep on going, and may I wish you the absolute best of luck.” And then, she just disappeared.
And then, the televisions returned to their normal state. Then, the TV station’s tour guide, who had been looking for John, finally found him; John then told her if there is a restroom in the station, and she showed him where she is…
And then, the next day, John wrote down on paper his high school report about his tour of the TV station; he also wrote about how he would one day become a TV news reporter, but he also stated that taking such a job in the future would not be easy, but he shall manage to do so with concentration and determination.
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