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The curse of Tut.

Lord Morris held his lorgnette to his eyes the better to see the British Museum’s latest exhibit. He humphed as he examined the item. He heard the shushing sound of taffeta and crinolines come up beside him. Without turning from his scrutiny, he said:

“Lady Perry, I was not aware that you were such a bluestocking as to be interested in collections such as this one!”

“All these dusty rags and brittle bones! I’m not interested! But I live for gossip and I have some that maybe important for you,” she replied with a sniff.

Morris turned half-way toward her to study her with his lorgnette.

You aren’t going to believe this, but you had better!” Lady Perry told him.

“Do tell,” his lordship said as he took her arm to walk away from the exhibit.

“King Tut cursed his grave against grave robbers. Apparently, Howard Carter and his party of adventurers are all beginning to sicken, of one thing and another. You financed his expedition did you not?”

Lord Morris froze.

“Everyone knows I did. Should I be worried? I supplied the money only.”

“I understand you accepted some of the artifacts from the tomb as well. I do hope you haven’t touched them without washing afterwards. As for breathing the air around them, I so hope you are being cautious there too.”

“I am now, thanks to your warnings. But I fear you may be too late!”

His lordship turned fully toward her, revealing that half his face was eaten away to the bones beneath. Lady Perry stifled a scream and covered her mouth and nose with her handkerchief.

“If you’ll excuse me milady, I feel unwell,” Morris said weakly.

As he went to walk away, his entire body collapsed into a heap of skin and bones.

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