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Daily flash 02/16/21
"You’re only here for support” I told myself as I stepped out of the car. I looked around and saw Julian leaning up against a giant willow. He looked up from his phone,


“I thought you might still be sulking at home,” I answered as I gave him a hug.

“I did for a while, even posted about it on reddit,” Julian said, as he walked a few steps ahead of me down a nearby trail. The path started us along the banks of the Sweetwater lagoon.

“We were over here, I tried to tell her that you have to harvest the sunflowers before the birds start getting at the seeds, but she just yelled that I should’ve waited so she could stream the whole thing on Instagram and threw them into the lagoon.”

I followed him on a path down the bank between some bushes.

“You won’t believe this” he whispered.

“They’re still there by the water.”

Crouching down behind him, I followed his gaze and there, sitting on the bank of the lagoon, was a bouquet of sunflowers in a clear, plastic rapping with a silver bow. A pair of green tendrils had grown over the top of the wrapping and were slowly picking off petals one at a time. Below where the silver ribbon was tying them all together, two similar tendrils were kicking back and forth in the water.
“Poor things, I grew them for her, and she threw us both away” Julian said after a while.

He stood up and called out “Hey! It’s alright, no matter what anyone says, we’re still beautiful and worth loving.”
Hearing him, the sunflowers climbed up towards us, settling into Julian’s hands.

“Let’s get these seeds planted, come on, I’ll show you the rest of my garden.”
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