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A philosophical discussion of snow jobs by bird brains
A well read man named Bird
Kept a red headed parrot
On his shoulder it never stirred
Fluttering its red wings
It sang and spoke wonderful things.

The snow job went on and on
Never speaking of things gone wrong.
Bird spoke to bird of encouraging words.
The two became wrapped up in each other
Each calling the other their brother.

Flattery took flighty frightful wing
Feathering the air with imaginary things.
It tickled Bird’s fancy, he arose and proposed
A future some might think quite chancy.
Bird and his bird got quite antsy.

Chattering away, they wandered astray
Wearing the day into whatever they fancied.
Without quite realizing the bird brains they became,
Their minds became quite re-arranged.
Faces blushed, feeling quite shamed.

Two red birds stuttered at each other
Leaving their snow jobs melting behind.
In silence they wanted their future defined.
Now, they sit recomposed nose to nose
As wisdom gained by listening begins to flow.

If you go visit, you’ll find the sight most explicit,
Willing and able to take in all your expressed woes.
They’ll parrot them back from listening ears
Every fear will take flight and your mind change gears,
You’ll marvel and praise, every word in amaze.

The three of you will discover you’ve become another
Blushing bird brained ‘red bird in the snow’ in the know.
A creeping sensation will become fascination,
A propagation of drivel most uncivil to cultured tongues,
Red headed blushing bird brains snowjob's by reality stunned.

35 line poem daily co-win for the Writer's Cramp contest
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