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Rated: E · Essay · Experience · #2244517
A creative nonfiction work I did for my Lit Essay class.

Adieus: Light Waves and Me

At 9:00 in the morning, we were already on the road listening to “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. All the people in car seemed to be enjoying the song especially because they joined Train in singing it; well except for me. I am not really a fan of long drives. Even though I know the destination is neither too near nor too far, I still can’t help but worry the ride might upset my stomach.

We had plenty of stopovers before we reached the place. Playa Del Sur was a fine resort with a beach, a pool, and different set of rooms. I even saw a karaoke near the pool area. After uncle Jimmy talked to the staff, we headed to one of the cottages by the seaside occupied by auntie Leizel and the rest of the family. It was good being there, I liked the sound of the waves, the air brushing through my skin, the soothing ambience; it was cool, really.

Right before I agreed to go on a staycation with them, I promised myself I will find time to do my modules and assignments. But last time I checked, there was neither a signal nor internet reception in the resort. The place did not look sad, but I did. The resort was cool, but I was too worried to pay much attention.

After lunch, my cousins took some pictures for their social media accounts. I sat on the sand until I saw a glass of bear handed over me. I drunk it full, still too occupied with my school works. I’ve never really felt so unproductive until that day. I was just there, looking blankly at the sparkling ocean when auntie Leizel called me to have fun with them in the cottage.

The rain lashed during the night. I felt really downhearted knowing the rain ruined our staycation as the staycation caused traffic on my pile of school works. I was almost about to cry when Amor, one of my cousins pulled me out to the rain. It was cold, yet it felt good. Every drop was so comforting. The smell was very reinvigorating. On that night, it was as if the rain washed off all the trace of negativities in my system. Later on, I ran under the rain as if nothing else mattered but my existence.

I was going farther and farther until I reached the pool area. I did not hesitate anymore and removed my butterfly print fringe trim top. I swam into the depth of the pool. When I reached the other end, my cousins joined me and together, we laughed and talked like forever.

I thought again about my assignments. Then I looked at Amor, at Therese, at Zeth, at Ymer, Jamaica, they seemed to be not worried at all. They also have online classes, but they still managed to beam smiles. That was when I set things free.

When the rain stopped, my cousins and I started to do some photoshoots. After several poses, I went back to the middle of the pool and floated myself. I looked at the gloomy, dark sky while feeling freer than ever.

“Adieus,” I whispered to the night. “Worries, negativities, stress, uneasiness, goodbye for now.” I let the water embrace my body until I decided to join my cousins to the side of the pool.

When morning came, the entire family went to the shore. Some of us went swimming while the others took some photographs as souvenirs. The lightweight waves felt nice in my skin, especially when it touched my face.

We drove home late evening and I did not feel my mind any less clear and calm. I’ve never been so excited to do school works and attend classes than when I woke up the next morning.
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