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Leone gets a little assist to help Charles with his lying.
Pants Afire

“There’s no way!” Leone shouted.

“It’s true!” Charles reiterated.

“You’re lying!”

The two friends squared off.

“You take that back!”


Charles held up his hand, palm out.

“May I be struck by lightning, if I’m lying!”

Just as he did so, a small bolt came from out of the blue and struck him in the seat of his pants.

“Oww, what did you do?” he said to Leone.

“Nothing, you did. By taking an oath that you weren’t lying when you were. Never do that, unless you aren’t!”

“Something’s burning!” Charles howled.

“Your pants are on fire, what did you think happened when you take a false oath?”

Charles threw himself down on his butt and thumped it up and down to put out his pants.

“What’s it look like?” he asked Leone.

“Your mom is gonna be furious,” she told him after examining his pant seat closely.

“What am I gonna do? She’ll ground me forever! You gotta help me, Leone!”

“Pinkie swear you’ll never take an oath that you aren’t lying when you are!” she said, holding out her crooked pinkie.

Charles quickly obliged.

Leone took off her backpack and rummaged in it. With a cry of triumph, she pulled out something.

“They’re jeans, they’re leggings, they’re jeggings! They stretch so they should fit, besides your hoodie will cover some of them.”

Charles looked pained, but took the change of pants. Looking around, he spotted some bushes and ran behind them. Leone opened her mouth to tell him about the poison oak, but shut it again with a shrug.

The pair walked home and Leone left Charles at his door. After he went in, she looked up at the sky and said:

“Thanks for the assist, I couldn’t have stopped his chronic lying without you!”

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