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Short story about a little boy finding motivation to return to the playground.
Little Johnny had wondered a little to far from his mother in the park. She did not want him to go away from the playground equipment and had made that perfectly clear. However, he had gotten distracted chasing a pretty butterfly. He had not meant to go that far, but before he knew it, he had ran all the way into this group of trees.

As Johnny looked around to see where he was standing, he could imagine his mother getting very upset with him. The butterfly was long gone, and he didn’t know if he wanted to find his way back to the playground or not. He was sure he hadn’t gone that far. The trees were tall and beautiful. He was a child who loved to be in touch with nature. He was always in awe of nature’s beauty and tranquility. He had found a friendship with all things pertaining to mother nature.

A few short moments passed as Johnny took in the scene around him. He could hear birds chirping, the trees rustling in the light breeze, and a squirrel barking from somewhere up above. As he felt the soft breeze blow across his face and the warmth of the sun rays shining through the tops of the trees, he felt like he could stay here forever. It was so quiet and peaceful away from all the noise around the playground. A few leaves floated down to the ground, and a dragonfly hovered near him.

Johnny thought this dragonfly reminded him of a kite one of his friends had. The dragonfly’s body was blue and green, and the wings were kind of clear. His friend’s kite had also been blue and green in the middle and had clear edges around the outside. It seemed the dragonfly glistened in the sunlight.

Johnny wondered how long he could get away with being among this group of trees. He really didn’t want to leave them, but knew his mother would worry if she didn’t know where he was. He decided to go to the edge of the trees and take a peak out at the playground.

As Johnny slowly made his way to the edge, he stopped to see a squirrel scamper down the side of a tree with a nut in its mouth. He stood to watch for a moment. He stood perfectly still so he wouldn’t scare it away. The squirrel made its way down to a patch of ground free of leaves, and it began looking for a place to hide its nut.

Johnny heard a noise, and spun around to see where it had come from. Oh! It was just a dog wondering around the park. The dog came right up to him wagging its tail, and the squirrel was back up a tree in seconds. He gave the dog some love, and when the dog was satisfied, it went on its merry way.

Now, with the squirrel and dog gone, Johnny was able to concentrate once again on his mission to peak out from the trees. He got to an outer tree, and slowly peaked around it. Thankfully, his mother had not noticed he was missing yet. She had gotten involved in a conversation with another kid’s mom. He had only wondered about twenty yards away from the playground, and began deciding how he was going to get back and if he even wanted to get back to the playground.

As Johnny took one more look around at the trees, he knew he had to go back so his mother would not worry about him. He ran back to the edge of the playground just in time to see his mother look up and point him out to the other kid’s mother. It was then, he knew he hadn’t been caught, and was glad he found the motivation to return to where he was supposed to be. His mother’s friendship had saved him.

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