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A poem inspired by Loury's analysis of the racial inequality narrative
Amen Glenn Loury.
Amen to an honest man.
Amen to intellectual clarity.
Amen to the courage to publish
just because you must and can
see through the fog of struggle
without quarter
to pour water to cool the fevered fight
and shine a light on polluted virtue
an enlightenment under guard and curfew
paraded like a captive, stripped and broken
an emperor without clothes
an empire reduced to tokens
whose currency once dear but now the subject
of small coinage and a knowing leer
reserved for those whose fate is sealed
short sold in dirty and unconscionable deals
collateralized by space cadets who meant so well
even as they pulled the lever
to the trap door on the road to hell
leaving nothing but a swinging pair of heels
dripping yellow tears of executioner's beer.
Dead drunk and coming soon
to a place near here.

Amen to a man who can see it all
In one last breath
a final meme
a summary for the ideological team
That can only ever mean one thing
the coming of war and death


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