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A Perseplolis Sonnet Written for my special someone.
The Clandestine Love

For months I know it's been a strenuous journey,
the path we traveled was rough, steep and thorny.
You wished and prayed for a sod or carpet laid,
yet we found ourselves dancing in trenchant blade.
Though clandestine, we promised to not refrain
from loving each other, we do not complain.
I still remember from not so distant past
you've promised me a love that'll forever last.

We shared glorious moments every day and night,
shared hugs, kisses and things that were intimate.
But all these are secrets we tried to conceal.
I may have no courage to conquer my fright,
but your love fuels your willingness to wait.
Perhaps this is the time for me to reveal.

oOo Prompt oOo
"'The only thing that counts is faith, expressing itself through Love. (Galatians 5:6)
Author's Note: This poem is specially written for my special someone. We have utmost faith and love for each other but we don't have the courage to share our relationship in public yet due to some circumstances.

oOo Perseplolis Sonnet oOo
When Leny Roovers (Presenter of the Dutch Sonnet) was in Persepolis (Iran) in 2015 she was impressed by how the history of East and West had met there long ago and after a lot of thought came a sonnet combining East and West. The Octave consisting of the Mathnawi form, and the Sestet a stock standard Italian one. The two forms originally had no set syllable count. Later the Anglicised Mathnawi had 11 syllables and the Wyatt version of the Italian was set to Iambic Pentameter, but nowadays these rules are often broken. Here is the pattern:

a. a. b. b. c. c. d. d.. e. f. g. e. f. g.
11 syllables per line
14 lines

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