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Just random thoughts because I am feeling a little low
When I look at those trees,
Those fascinating trees without leaves
But just the branches, spreading so beautifully
I wish I was not a human
But that bird whose nest fits perfectly
I would see the color of that fresh morning sky
Shades of the sun so overwhelmingly beautiful
After the night of the downpour
I would flap my wings and dance
And fly anywhere I like

I would visit that cherry bosom tree
That I can see every morning on my usual way
But never had a chance to touch and feel
I would try not to hurt those pretty little pink flowers
While I sit on its branch and tell
How pretty she looks
And that she makes my day
I would sing to her and may be
She would dance along the breeze

I wish I was anything but humans
Wild and free
Flying up above the sky
Or swimming down below that sea
Or just spread across the trunk and the branches
Of that very tree I want to be.

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