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A poem especially written for my father.
I Love You Father

As I traverse back down this memory lane
With this lovely picture of a man with his cane.
A hint of tiredness, a vision of dismay.
His windows dimmed beneath his tousled gray.

I remember those days when I was still a child
The efforts you did to pacify, every time I've gone wild.
With that ceaseless hide and seek, that tiresome chase
You still comforted me with your warm embrace.

Sometimes I felt that I'm not a good son
'Cause I always ignore things needed to be done.
Those white lies I kept just for you to impress
Became secrets that are now difficult to confess.

With all those burdens I added to your load
Am I worthy to be your son - your blood to be called?
Even those dearest words I'm about to utter
Became a statement that I always fail to muster.

You might have felt that I never cared for you,
My father - I love you, more than you ever do.
And if I could only bring back the days of yore
I would never give you the pains you tried to endure.

Author's Note:
This is a poem specially made for my father. Honestly, I can not remember that I ever said "I Love You" to my father since. Not once.

oOo Prompt oOo
[Write a love poem about memories from a photograph.]

This is written for "Write from the Heart - Poetry (CLOSED)
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