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A poem about the most marvelous friend ever
Let me tell you about my most marvelous friend.
He has a great plan for me and hope in the end.
He gave his life for me at a place called Calvary.
Three days later he rose again to bring life to me.

Salvation now is mine, and he is here all the time.
He hears my prayers throughout my whole lifetime.
He is an ever present help in the trouble I get into.
He lifts up my soul like an eagle to a higher view.

He walks, talks, eats, and drinks with me.
He holds my hand and is a comfort to me.
He gives me peace beyond understanding,
With joy beyond belief and my soul embracing.

After death, my soul will be in eternity with him.
Heaven will be brightly lit and never so dim.
It will be lit by God himself and fire from him.
All things old have gone away with new life within.

Word count: 158
Line count: 16
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