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The long version of a story posted in Wonderland

Herring and Halibut

Henrietta Hatchett lives in Hunterville. Her house is on Hopkin’s Lane.

One time Henrietta goes to Hop Hall. At Hop Hall, Henrietta Hatchett attends classes in how to hook a herring. Classes at Hop Hall are at night. Henrietta likes to walk with Harry Hilton. Harry lives at #14 Hackberry Court, close to Henrietta’s place on Hopkin’s Lane. They walk the short distance to Hop Hall.

Once in Hop Hall, Henrietta and Harry take their seats. The teacher, Howard Humphrey, explains the habitat of herring. They’re also informed of halibut, how to hook halibut.

Henrietta and Harry go out to dinner. They try the herring. The special is herring with habanero sauce and halibut. Henrietta likes herring, while Harry thinks herring with habanero is too spicy. Henrietta likes the habanero sauce. she buys a jar of habanero sauce. Harry prefers the halibut.

After dinner, Harry walks Henrietta back to Hopkin’s Lane. Then he goes to his home on Hackberry Court.

The next night, Henrietta leaves Hopkin’s Lane to meetHarry at Hackberry Court. They walk to Hop Hall. They grew upin Hunterville, went to school at Hunterville, and are now growing old in Hunterville. They discuss how the habitat around Hunterville has changed. They talk about the teacher at Hop Hall, Howard Humphrey. They remember Howard Humphrey from high school. Now Howard Humphrey teaches them how to catch halibut and herring.

Hop Hall classs that night again talked about how to hook a herring. Howard spoke of the habitat of herring. Henrietta only thought about how to hook Harry. Was she too old? She needed to take notes on how to hook Harry.

Howard now began to talk about how to hook halibut, the habitat of halibut. Harry thought about Henrietta. How would he hook her? What habitat would she like? Howard Humphrey surely didn’t know how to hook a prize catch, thought Harry.

Henrietta and Harry decide to eat at Harry’s house on Hackberry Court. He fixed halibut and herring. Plus a habanero sauce. But this time Harry tones down the habanero sauce on the herring and halibut, just a bit. In Hunterville, you didn’t get a lot of spicy food, so they will need to go slow on the heat from now on. 388

After dinner, Harry walks Henrietta back to her home on Hopkin’s Lane. Then Harry walks back to Hackberry Court. Hunterville isn’t a large town. Hopkin’s Lane is only about a 1/4 mile from Hackberry Court. The way home to Hackberry Court takes Harry right past the house of Howard Humphrey. Harry thinks for a moment of stopping to ask advice. But he hasn’t talked to Howard as a friend since high school. Harry walks on to his house on Hackberry Court. All night he dreams of how to hook a halibut, walking to Hop Hall, habanero dancing in their habitat of the garden of Hopkin’s Lane, and Henrietta waiting for him at Hackberry Court.

Back in Hopkin’s Lane, Henrietta was also dreaming. She dreamt of walking down Hackberry Court to find Harry Hilton waiting for her. Harry takes her in his arms. They go #14 Hackberry Court to a kitchen filled with habanero peppers, halibut and herring. Harry and Henrietta feel that they are in their natural habitat, cooking their favorite foods in that kitchen.

Soon all of Hunterville is atwitter with the news of Henrietta Hatchett and Harry Hilton and the romance they found while attending the habitat of herring and halibut classes held in Hob Hall. Henrietta starts to move out of her place on Hopkin’s Lane. She is marrying Harry. Their new habitat is #14 Hackberry Court. They plan to plant in the back yard habitat plenty of habanero peppers so they can cook their favorite dishes.

The reception is held at Hob Hall. Hob Hall is the largest building in Hunterville, so it is only fitting to have the reception here, as all of Hunterville attends. Howard Humphrey opens the building for the couple and provides the refreshments. There are plenty of hors d’oeuvres. There are cheese, crackers, habanero pepper poppers, and martinis with habanero peppers.

After the reception, Henrietta and Harry take one last look inside the house at Hopkin’s Lane. They stand inside the empty shell. They say,

“WOW! Those were a lot of H’s”

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