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To reflect as it blossoms is that I must be inspired by a prayer to send her
The message of a daily bonus to share is rare
I know that’s an idea of choice to say a prayer
A blossoming was of that I care
A cheery blossom bliss for her to care
The one night I saw her new and fair
It reflected from an honest prayer
And after all it is been a year from the fall
The way to see the truth to see in a year so true
The only way is through a song and a call
That the blossom in the lights is bright
And to make that I call in the night
To send her a meaningful token to try I see
To her a few things coming true

To my friend a cheery blossom that nature issued
In the town Morioka of Iwate Spring chilled air was clear
And now that when they are in bloom there it is sincere
I am praying that the time is gonna come in tune
With the new rising sun that blessed my room
I saw her standing there in the afternoon

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