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Christian poems about once living in the world. *no harsh reviews plz, I'm a gentle soul*
I)The life men knew a dream.
It was birthed, and here they are, then it vanished like smoke; some tingle, living on the patterns of the world's tapestry,
some water the eyes, and talk of passionate speeches captive in their minds;
and some burst into a great, gray storm, these are the warriors that follow the narrow door.
Be careful, for look how much they burn!

But we are weak, and we are flawed. The life we have is not ours;
It's there and it's not, the spark gone.
Tell me, where do you find men fall?

a. Those awakened were at the mercy, yet rejected once they closed their eyes again.

I knew of an old man who was never wise, and a young wise boy no one ever listened to.
There is a strength in him that never fails and wisdom coming from fear of someone greater.
The life he carries, but he never owns it as his.
Why can't you ask him?

b. What would you do, if you're eyes opened for the first time and life was hanging above?
On a navy, velvet tapestry, the only candle unblown.
The only light shining above but you can't see because you're are blind.
You can feel the warmth on your cheek, covering your wet feet;
in pain, you cry out in the darkest hours of the night.
You scream and scream without a sound so no one can hear.
Your loved ones cannot comfort you because of the wall you've placed around you.
There the light is...
Calling and calling you in love,
with honey that can soothe your aching throat,
and arms that can hold your wailing hearty tight
but you stay where you are,
further sinking in the mud, in a position of despair.

Why didn't you answer?

c. Frosty whispers trembled and quaked the air.
Now you are a raptured bird; feeling the chills of worry.
Now I hear the songs of fear; hearts shaking, barely breathing
But faithfulness resides, and the cage once so strong, now lays in broken shards.

II)In this forest, two strangers who were once three were found.
The two watched and walked in circles for days on end.
The third took the advice of an elder and vanished, never to be seen again.
Day and night, the two tasted of these fruits.
Riddled with words; "Gluttony", "Greed", "Hatred," "Money," "Selfishness," and more oozed on their lips and dripped on their chin.
Always tasting, never satisfying; always after what is a mirage, and only tasting sand.

Because that was what they wanted wasn't it?

a. The two foolish followed what was permanent, expecting it to be eternal.
The more they tasted and realized, "this isn't enough", it didn't matter because their thirst caused them to drink more.
III)To the crossroads, fools in masks began to play.
These mobs of liars-clowns, harlequins, and jokers-all in tights of red, black, and white, yet I have never seen something so gray in understanding.
These are faces in doubt, these were waves tossing and turning in the sea.
But they are like a bandit,
covering their faces in secrecy.
Prancing around gleefully; toying with each other, laughing manically, grabbing and ripping these clothes
in this chaos.

a. None of them dared to touch the surface.
Because these people are, lukewarm, never choosing between being hot or cold.
Instead, they sink deeper and deeper, into their sea of iniquities;
The deeper they swim,
the deeper their breath begins to leave them.

Then there is an evergrowing distance, an increasingly tight pressure,
between where the sun meets the sea.

And yet, they sink.
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