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...and new beginnings are on their way
"Start at the beginning?"

"Hmm… that could be tricky! Where DID it all start?"

"Was the beginning when they made their fourth baby? Or maybe before kids altogether?—"

"I think so. Way, way back, before they married—"

"NO-o-o!! Even before, when they fell in love," I add as I draw breath,

and he interrupts—"…didn't they fall in love when he was 17 and she was only 15?"

I'm smiling broadly and shaking my head almost in circles; up and down, to agree; and from side to side, in everlasting wonder of a union such as theirs — one for the history books, as they say.

These two young lovers were my late parents, and their 'hey-day'? More than a century ago. The reminiscing flows freely without having to dip too deeply into the photographic 'memory bank'.

In our dining room we have studio portraits of both from their halcyon days, including their wedding, a baby photo, their parents, their grandparents. Such a proud heritage.

And above my work desk in central place on my pinboard, is a small black and white photo of my special darlings, with such sublime confidence and pride in me, they eternally challenge me to do my very best.

"They were proud of me from the day I was born," and a tear rolls unexpectedly down my cheek.

Hubby smiles... slowly, tenderly. "They made you especially to take that little brother's place, didn't they?"

"Ohh yes-s-s!"and another tear (or two or three) launch themselves. "I never knew him, of course, but he was SO beautiful in his photos. Blonde, blue-eyed, sturdy as…" My voice falters. "Until he got so terribly ill."

"And then there was you..."

"…and a different beginning than any had planned."

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