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An argumentative essay for an english literature activity.


a. hook: In 2018, the Philippine Statistics Authority reported that the country had 62,341 minors who delivered babies—counting those with
repeated pregnancies.

b. background/ context: Teenage pregnancy is increasing especially among 10 to 14 years old.

c. thesis statement: Minors having access to contraceptives is now taken into consideration as the National Economic and Developmet
Authority sounded the alarm on the glaring incidences of teenage pregnancy and called it "a drag on the Philippiines'
economic growth."



a.fact 1 + evidence:
First of all, letting the minors to have access in contraceptives can reduce teen pregnancies nationwide, according to the Commission on Population and Development. It will also lessen the possibility of teenager's early pregnancy.

b.fact 2 + evidence:
Parents being open to the idea will become a great help in stopping the growth of teenage pregnancy. Dr. David L. Hill tells parents, “Talking to kids about sex and even giving them condoms does not make them have sex any sooner. It does, however, lower the chances you’ll become a grandfather before you’re ready.”


a.fact 1 + evidence:
Second, many studies and researches already proves that contraceptives has health benefits. Birth control is considered as a life saver for women's menstrual cycle. It can even help with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) symptoms.

b.fact 2 + evidence:
It reduces your risk of uterine cancer. Hormonal birth control also has some long-term benefits. Women who take combination birth control pills are 50 percent less likely to get uterine cancer. These effects can last for up to 20 years after you stop taking the pill.


a.fact 1 + evidence
People who disagrees to this idea may say that giving access for contraceptions to teenagers will only encourage them to do sexual activity.

b.fact 2 + evidence:
The falling pregnancy rate is not a result of a decline in teenage sexual activity, which experts say has remained steady for decades. Rather, data indicates that it is because of the contraceptives.


a. restatement of thesis statement:
Giving contraceptives to the teenagers save not only the risk of getting pregnant at an early age, but also the dream of every youth.

b. opinion/ suggestion/ prediction:
If it still worries the elders, then how about getting a parental consent before having an access to contraceptions?

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